I am for expressing true spirit of art: Mesafint Wihib

This ambitious lad knows what’s right as there is no place for any ambiguity in him and the congruity that governs his personality is the sum total of tenacity and simplicity inherited from his parents, whom he dots on to the extent that he, forever, would like to live and relive their dreams!


Mesafint Wihib Wondimu, second in order of merit notched up 3.52 CGPA. He is the only child to his parent, hails from the national capital, Addis Ababa. His father, Wihib Wondimu, was an accountant with shipping industry and mother sells groceries from home to utilize time appropriately.

On his niche area, he said, ‘‘I majorly focused on design that progressively gets changed from basic to integrated design; especially, theories of architect and design are dear to me.’’

On what prompted him to go for architecture, he said, it was serendipity, because, he didn’t want to be an architect, his friend insisted him to appear for exam, wherein he got through and friend flunked out. Even it was a surprise for his parent, thereafter; he said, ‘‘I started focusing as it was altogether new stream for me.’’

Having passed 12th Grade from GCA Government Preparatory School, Addis Ababa, he came down to Arba Minch University, when he learnt it was the best institute in engineering arena.

On day-today’s planning, he quipped, ‘‘I always went through a conceptual way for it wasn’t planned, but, at least three to four hours a day, I would study. Specially, burning the midnight oil has proved very fruitful for daytime generally would go in theory and practical sessions, etc.’’

His innate desire is to express the true spirit of architecture without allowing it to get ransomed by sheer business aspect and he promises to strike a balance between client’s need and spirit of the art.

His unquenchable thirst to imbibe the nitty-gritty made him practice professional design even while exams were at hands. His timely completed assignments for pal’s Architecture firm have not only brought praises but emoluments as well. Therefore, initially, he would like to continue to be associated with architectural firms that will keep his mind ticking and skills honed. In his quest for a full-time job that will bring a decent salary, either he will like to be a teacher, otherwise opt for study abroad.

On niche area, he opined that there are two things i.e. functionality and form development, ‘‘I would like to walk a tight rope between these two things. Primarily, I love to focus on basic things like context to environment and how to correlate the building with outside environment, etc.’’

On stay in AMU, he said, ‘‘I had a wonderful time all around; yet there were some challenges which at times had frustrated me but I could overcome them especially with regard to things like lack of laboratory, computers, overload of assignments, etc., fortunately, now things are better.’’

On parent’s reaction, he said, ‘‘My achievement amazed them as it wasn’t my area. During my college days, I had a plan to study civil engineering for I like construction. And I would like to get Master degree in construction management to achieve my goal. My father wants me to join construction industry, while mother is happy with what I have achieved; she is my anchor.’’

On AMU teachers, he said, ‘‘They had been good and cooperative and even I was receptive in acquiring updated information with regard to architecture. They guided me very well to pursue my own imagination and conceptual analysis,’’ he signed off.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)