Forensic Chemistry workshop: AMU inks MoUs with 4 national institutions

Yet again, AMU has scored brownie points by firming up strategic alliances with three Ethiopian organizations in its 1st National workshop on Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology hosted at Main Campus on 29th April, 2017; university has already launched Under-Graduate program in it. Click here to see the pictures.

The workshop was marked by University President, Dr Damtew Darza, inking Memorandum of Understanding with designated officials of Ethiopian Federal Police, Mekelle University, St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College and Dagimawi Menelik Hospital.

This agreement will facilitate practical trainings, exchange of scholars, research personnel, students and information in the fields of common interest, etc. Significantly, AMU students will get exposed to the nuts and bolts of forensic chemistry in crime detection.

Federal Police Commission and Crime Investigation & Forensic Directorate will impart training while knowledge sharing with other partnering institutions will add new dimension to it, Chemistry Department Head, Mr Abiyu Kerebo, informed.

Dr Damtew highlighting indispensable aspect of forensic science, said, it provides new methods and techniques that make criminal investigation accurately credible to take justice to the logical level. As its popularity is transcending borders, ties between Federal Police Commission and universities is absolutely timely that will yield immense benefits to the nation; and Arab Minch University’s UG program in this regard, perfectly fits in.

The workshop began with College of Natural Sciences Dean, Dr Alemayehu Hailmicael, welcoming gathering; he informed that this particular UG program was the brain-child of Federal Police Commission, which will contribute immensely in creating competent graduates.

Dr Amanuel Haile, CEO of College of Health Sciences & Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital of Mekelle University, lauding AMU’s initiative termed it as timely and very essential.

Dr Geliela Mengistu, delegate of Dr Wendemagen Gezahegn, Academic Research Vice-Provost of St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, said, forensic services are key to fair criminal justice system because it provides objective and timely information at different stages of criminal proceedings. And such much-needed collaboration between law enforcement agencies, medical schools, universities and judges will create well-disciplined forensic community to make dispensation of justice scientifically precise and legally impeccable.

Assistant Commissioner, Mr Teshal Teshome, Director of Crime Investigation and Forensic Science Institute of Ethiopian Police University College, revealed that available infrastructure aren’t enough to handle the increasing demand of police due to lack of training and education capacity within Ethiopia and training cost abroad. At this juncture, complex crimes and modus operandi demand forensic science more than ever; hence, this initiative is worth appreciating.

Prof. Hareesh Kumar, Head of Department of Medicine at Ayder Referral Hospital, Mekelle University, in his brief presentation pinpointed lack of accredited and qualified resources, staff and laboratories as hurdle in making toxicology services a reality, however, in future, he stressed, scenario will change for the good.

Ethiopian Police University College’s Inspector Behayalu Girma and Dagnachew Lelisa of JIJE Labo Glass Pvt. Ltd Company dwelt on ‘Forensic Science evidence’ and ‘application of instrumental methods’ respectively.

AMU’s Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Yechale Kebede, in closing remarks, reminded that there is a need to produce skilled graduates, who fit into contemporary changing world.

Top cops from Federal Police Commission; physicians-cum-academicians from Ayder Comprehensive Referral Hospital of Mekelle University, St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Dagimawi Menelik Hospital and AMU officials, students and others were in attendance.

Later, in the afternoon, dignitaries were taken to the field trip to Crocodile Ranch; Special Assistant to Academic Affairs Vice President office, Mr Abiot Tsegaye, anchored the program.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)