Arba Minch University’s new Board to take charge on 7th July

Arba Minch University’s newly constituted Management Board comprised of eight members is likely to take over the reins from the out-going members on 7th July, 2017. The erstwhile Board deserved plaudits for it has contributed immensely to put AMU into the orbit of excellence, said University President, Dr Damtew Darza.

Dr Damtew further adds that the composition of present Board has duly complied with the pre-requisite laid-down by government, that management board of institution must be comprised of academicians, researchers and entrepreneurs so that it progresses in right spirit.

The new AMU Board Chairman, Dr Negash Wagesho, the alma mater of AMU, former Scientific Director of Institute of Technology is the head of Regional Water & Irrigation Bureau, Hawassa. Mr Esayas Endrias, Gamo Gofa Zone Administrator, Dr Tesfaye Abraham Alano, Head of Regional Health Bureau of South Nations, Nationalities of People’s Region, Hawassa, Dr Geremew Sahlu, Director of Ethiopian Water Resource Institute at Addis Ababa University, Mr Tesfaye Abera, Head of Ethiopian Plastic Industry and Dr Agena Anjulo, Deputy Director General of Ethiopian Forestry and Research Institute, Addis Ababa, are members. However, search is on for a female researcher to complete the quorum.

On 15th June, 2017, in a meeting held at Senate Hall, new Board members got themselves introduced. Dr Damtew Darza has given the lowdown on university to incoming members and in the presence of management council members some issues were also discussed.

On Board’s mandate, Dr Damtew reiterated that all members are primarily holding higher positions share strong equation with those in the corridors of power. Therefore, it’s easier for them to lobby for things required to strengthen university’s infrastructure, academic reputation, etc. And importantly, they ensure that university plans are aligned with government’s plan.

As per the new guideline, the tenure of AMU Board will be of five years. He further said, ‘‘I am comfortable with the new Board, especially, when our new chairman, Dr Negash Wagesho and Dr Agena Anjulo are on board, is a matter of pride. Their rich academic experience will benefit us immensely and other members also bring in amazing skills and experiences that will transform our university in a special way.’’

On the occasion, during handing over of charge to the incoming board, out-going Board Chairman, Mr Tagesse Chafo, and members, Prof Zenabu Gebremariam, Ms Almaz Beyero, Mr Wondimu Gezahegn, Mr Yakob Yalla, Mr Kaidaki Gezahegn and Mr Tilahun Kebede will remain present.

As the new Board takes charge, AMU will expect from them to ensure quality in education and in producing skilled professionals, curriculum enhancement, disposal of any outstanding administrative and other allied issues, etc.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)