1. Unsafe sex doers are very much in pole position to contract HIV/AIDS.
  2. Those who share sharp objects too are at risk of HIV/AIDS.
  3. Consistent and proper use of condoms can help prevent from contracting HIV/AIDS.
  4. Abstinence, faithful relationship & use of condoms are the major methods of prevention of   HIV/AIDS.
  5. People with multiple sexual partners are among the most at risk populations (MARPs).
  6. A single risk can put you into infection.
  7. It is not sex but rather unsafe sex that puts you at risk.
  8. Addictive substances (like: chat, cigarette, weeds, and alcohol) decrease the person’s  ability to    commit him/herself to the preventive methods of HIV/AIDS.
  9. Make no other choice! Just keep the ABC way of life.
  10. Say ‘NO’ to the spread of HIV/AIDS.