Arba Minch University’s UIL-TTD signs MoUs with 8 TVETs

AMU’s University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer Directorate inked Memorandum of Understanding with eight Technical, Vocational and Educational Training Institutes from Gamo Gofa, Segen People’s and South Omo zones to develop various technologies, create jobs for graduates and feasible market prospect thus strengthening livelihood of people at large. Click here to see the pictures.

AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza, opened the meeting, terming it to be most potential effort in mobilizing all three stakeholders and recreating a synergy between them so that desired goal is achieved. He assured pragmatic response from AMU for the fulfillment of intended objectives.

At the outset, UIL-TTD Director, Dr Tolera Seda, emphatically conveying the significance of his directorate’s commitment, said, we reiterate that we will coordinate, communicate and deliver at the right moment with great enthusiasm and vigour so that our noble objective is realized.

On the occasion, AMU-Industries-TVETs has constituted a 3-member central committee that will coordinate, monitor and provide support to propel the purpose of this cooperation to achieve tangible results. And each zone will have a focal person to steer its agenda, he added.

Arba Minch Polytechnic & Satellite Institute Vice Dean, Mr Workneh Hailemichael, holding brief for TVETs said, they are for mutual benefit, where AMU will facilitate value-chain and develop technological design to be translated into prototypes by TVETs i.e. milling, grinding machines, tire exchanger, agricultural implements, etc. and when endorsed by university, they will be duly transferred to industries, which in turn will push them in the community.

Soon after presentations, Dr Damtew Darza officiating the moment inked MoUs with deans of eight TVETs, Mr Workeneh Hailemichael, Arba Minch, Mr Kasahun Getachew, Jinka, Mr Oleta Domba, Konso, Mr Enku Yohannes, Sawla, Mr Awraja Molle, Chencha, Mr Mekonen Gatiso, Mirab Abaya, Mr Dabero Desta, Kamba and Mr Masresha Mamo from Selam Ber.

It’s learnt, with AMU-TVETs this agreement is significant, which will collaborate with different industries. As per MoU, TVETs will administer practical engineering trainings to AMU students and staff; grant internship for students, prepare and provide prototypes, collaborate on industrial issues, contribute agreed upon financial support, etc.

While, AMU in turn will impart short and long-turn trainings to TVETs staff, allow university’s infrastructure to be utilized, train professionals on value-chain, facilitate hi-tech designs, etc.

During discussion few questions echoed on how to get intended mandate operationalized and perception clear for such an efforts and a team spirit, etc. AMU instructor, Mr Getahun Tigistu, informed gathering about specific responsibilities to be carried out by all three stakeholders.

The only representative of South Nations, Nationalities Trade and Industry Bureau, Mr Dagmawi Mamo, concluded meeting by lauding the efforts, which, he feels will yield wonderful outcomes.

Representatives from Gamo Gofa, Segen People’s Zone and South Omo Zone, Textile, Metal processing industries, small-scale manufacturing units, AMU officials, stakeholders and others were in attendance.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)