Dr Melkamu Mada to revamp administration as Vice President

New incumbent for the position of Vice President for Administration, Dr Melkamu Mada, is all curious to start new inning at apex of administration, where many scary issues dogging his new office. Managing human capital and material management especially will prove to be a crucible for him, but he is optimistic to deliver what is expected of him.

Reiterating his resolve, he said, I will manage both issues with utmost attention and maximize efficiency to achieve objective of the university within the framework of rules and regulations.

On challenges, he adds, we have many; because human management by its nature is tough as needs often go beyond limit and when you apply rules we encounter problems. On other hand, we have huge number of students; similarly issues such as security, material management, etc. demand day today’s attention, so there is need to involve everyone every day, which I will do.

Buttressing his administrative experience, he said, while being administrative head at woreda- level office, I worked with people of different disciplines and then Campus Head and Dean of College of Business and Economics gave me enough scope to understand the dynamics of administration.

He had his first degree from Haramaya University, in Agricultural Economics in 2008, Master in Development Economics from Civil Service University in 2011; PhD from Rajasthan University in 2016, in Agricultural Economics.

Immediately after first degree, I joined woreda-level Agriculture Bureau continued there for two years. I got Master and then joined AMU as lecturer and after two years of service, went for PhD in 2013; soon with PhD I was appointed Dean of College of Business and Economics.

Teaching is my first priority; however, he said that having adequate administrative experience, I use my expertise in management as I love to interact with people very well.

On vexed issues of purchase-procurement and financial processes, he said, I was one of the victims; there is rules and regulation yet the bulk purchase procedure itself has side-effect, other thing is problems within while external factor is out of our purview, we can only address internal discrepancies, he stressed.

The corruption is major issue, main suspect area, which delays the procurement process. There are hidden factors involved causing deleterious impacts, it’s difficult and at times on the surface it looks okay, but something within is unnerving that needs to be investigated, he said.

Nevertheless, soon, AMU will start new restructuring process for all employees, we won’t allow those unfit for the jobs, we will put correct individual at right positions; it will resolve problems.

Expressing his gratitude, he said, as the citizen, university has entrusted huge responsibility on me and now it’s my turn to serve people, I will work hard and leave no stones unturned to fulfill the expectation they have from me.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)