Outstanding, Dr Ashraf Chumeto wants to be a neurosurgeon

Dr Ashraf Chumeto Sulala emerged on top by clocking 3.60 CGPA in the 4th batch of 83 doctors of medicine. He has achieved academic excellence but its Koranic verses that infuse honesty and make him compassionate towards those with mental maladies frenetically running abroad for treatment. Therefore, he wants to become a neurosurgeon and stop the influx.

He hails from Kawakoto village of Alichowurriro woreda from Silte zone. His gentle father, Mr Chumeto Sulala, is a small-time farmer, who tills own farms to eke out livelihood; his mother Alima Yasin is housewife and of five siblings; two are businessmen, one sister is married and the youngest brother is in school.

On future plans, he reiterated, ‘‘I want to be a neurosurgeon, for Ethiopia has very few that is probably due to absence of resources and clinical infrastructure. Basically, I wanted to be different and valuable, which will be of great significance for community and I am sure people need neurosurgeons. And by becoming one I can change the scenario,’’ he emphasized.

His Grade 12th result at Silti Preparatory School was impressive; but he never expected to be a physician. After passing first degree with flying colors, he said, ‘‘I will love to get a job and at the same time like to prepare for national-level competitive exam to get into Master Course.’’

He is optimistic to net a job in AMU where he is hoping to hang around for few years as his village is close by and it also increases the chances for him to get opportunity to pursue Master in neurosurgery.

On study plans, he said, while in 1st semester, he was affected by irritable boil syndrome, despite illness, he slogged eight hours a day for he was hell-bent to achieve respectable score to make future worthwhile. ‘‘I am happy because it made my parents absolutely happy, and they deserve it,’’ he stressed.

Attributing the credit of his success, he said, ‘‘College Dean, Dr Tamiru Shibiru, had been a pillar of strength as he always supported and encouraged me to work hard. Even most of senior teachers have contributed immensely.’’ Hence, his achievement is the sum total of everyone’s effort and reiterated that he had a great respect for his entire teachers.

Expressing personal opinion on internship, he said, ‘‘In this cutting-age technological era, concept of internship needs to be revamped for good. Graduates must be exposed to state-of-the-art clinical infrastructure available across the nation that will enable them to assimilate, learn and update their knowledge.’’

On subject dear to him, he said internal medicine has been exciting, while gynecology was bit downscale, however, there are good teachers in that subject; yet, his personal liking goes to neurosurgery; he is thinking about it and as soon as opportunity arise, he will grab it.’’

(Corporate Communication Directorate)