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  • Industrial training/ professional attachment refers to work experience that is relevant to professional development prior to graduation .
  • Industrial training is an essential component in the development of the practical and professional skills required by professional and an aid to prospective employment .
  • Industrial training is a mechanism to ensure students acquire practical skills and experience professional practice thus achieving the out comes of Certain Graduate Attributes.


One of the requirements for the award of undergraduate and postgraduate students Must complete industrial training for the specific period of time given by the curriculum. At AMU industrial training is facilitated by the service learning coordinator office with the consultation of the community service and Academic program evaluation and implementation director offices and is managed for each course by the respective departments, college coordinators advisors for industrial training office. The university itself  is providing a conducive service learning environment for AMU students as well as for other students coming from other institutes.


  • Deploying students into respective area of service learning departments and creating fertile ground for service learning.
  • To enable students apply the theoretical knowledge taught in the lecture rooms in real industrial situations.
  • To expose students to responsibility and ethics of the given profession.


Developing future professionals with problem identification and solving skills and positive attitudes to serve society.

Academic Program

Industrial training is an education approach that equip learners with the realistic and relevant knowledge & skills.

Community service

  • Conducts need assessment
  • Identification and prioritization of the need (Community and students need) .
  • Identifying target groups.
  • Enables students a feel of the work environment
  • To give students opportunity to practical experience and knowledge which are not limited in the class room, rather to take place in the community where learners meet the goal of education, community development and social change.
Any relevant information
  • Service learning coordinator office organizes reports of the service learning and assess the impact.
  • Coordinating regular meeting and communication with departments/ colleges.
  • Liaise with student support center and U-I link office

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