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The duty is about Arranging best opportunities for various institutional consultancy works and short term trainings within the frame work of thee university. Working in collaboration with various governmental and/or non-governmental organizations willingly for quality consultancy & short term trainings. Moreover, provides easy access to a wealth of academic expertise in order to build capacity and innovation activities within the university.


Arba Minch University, Consultancy and short term training coordination office has come to practice as of 2009. It is within the framework of Director of Community service office which provides expert or professional services or advice on a short term basis both for capacity building and generate income to the university.

The service normally possesses specialized skills, knowledge or credentials not readily available among the community, university faculty and staff. Short-term training is intensive study of a particular field that does not lead to a degree but provides professional knowledge. The duration can vary widely, from a part of a single day to nine months or even a year. The reason why someone takes short-term training is to improve professional skills and gain practical knowledge of a particular area. It may include job advancement, new job responsibilities, employer requirements, change in employment, new technology, or simply a desire to learn a new skill.

Similarly Consultancy service can be defined as any form of professional or technical service rendered through an appropriate University channel or through individual staff links for remuneration or otherwise by a staff member of the University to any organization or individual. The types of consultancy services include: Researches, training, program/project planning, design, development and evaluation, supervision, production and maintenance of materials, advisory, extension, material testing and analysis, data processing, legal service provisions, or any other related service of a professional and technical nature. In general, consulting is a professional activity related to the person's field or discipline, where a fee-for-service or equivalent relationship with a third party exists.


The Consultancy and Short-term Training Coordination of Arba Minch University (CSTTC-AMU) aspires to enhance the performance of the university with the future growth and transformation strategic plan through quality consultancy services and capacity building in short- term trainings. Providing demand driven and problem solving consultancy & short term trainings


The CSTTC Of AMU is pleased to present well established standard training programs and consultancy services for your organization by arranging work schedules and creating conducive working conditions for consultants. Therefore, several governments, private and NGO’s can get consultancy and short term training services in Arba Minch university.

Community Services

Arranging best opportunities for advance consultancy and short term trainings in various fields for the community

Working in collaboration with the community willingly for quality consultancy and short term trainings

To provide easy access to a wealth of academic expertise in order to support the community in their innovation activities

Any relevant Information

The University as an institution or through its individual staff members shall render consultancy services to fulfill the outreach mandates of the University, to enhance the professional development of the university staff and to contribute to income generation.


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