A Meeting held to collect funds for Abay Dam

June 10th 2013 Arba Minch:  A meeting was held by Students Council of Arba Minch University  on June 9th 2013 at AMU to collect funds for construction of dam across Abay or Nile as it is called.  Many had participated in this and Dr. Feleke Woldeyes , the President AMU   addressed the very importance of contributing money for construction of dam and also extended his appreciation for organizing this function. He emphasized that our share is large in scope and we contribute both skilled manpower and finance.  For future, he stressed that we should maintain productivity competitive human resource to engage in the construction and building of dams in the country.

A panel discussion was held under two basic issues:  The Blue Nile and its prospects: Grand Renaissance Dam and Threats of colonial treaties presented by Dr. Negash Wasgesho and Dr. Mekonnen Ayana respectively.

On the occasion, students showed strong feeling to continue any contribution they are required and asked to accomplish the ongoing construction of the dam.

To commemorate the occasion, a football match between AMU staff and Arba Minch town administration was held and witnessed by all students and staff.