Spectacular science experiments dominate exhibition

Mr. Yohannes Kebede, Junior researcher AMIT Technology Transfer office has something interesting to tell and show to all. He has designed Solar Fruit Dryer that can dry onions and a Natural Ventilation System  that can ventilate cafeteria easily.  Demonstrating these innovations meticulously, he says, “this is possible because of university support”  That’s not all. He has designed a solar water pump that pumps or gets water from ground and can be used for irrigation and drinking water purposes.  No doubt, Mr. Kebede is  proud of his innovations and hopes to do more in coming days.

Exhibiting drawings, paintings of modern art, realistic, idealistic human portraits, Mr. Endale Mulugeta, a 2nd year architecture students says the students and staffs are behind these. The department of Architectural staff as well as the students have designed  main gate of Arba Minch University’s campus and many pictures show drawing studio and Assembly Halls.   A design of high school building by 3rd year Architecture students is also exhibited for viewers in this fare.

Mr. Ayele, MSc Lecturer of mathematics department  says his department has unique thing to say. Tracing historical background of mathematics, he takes a visitor through application of mathematics in real  life and what his dept. has accomplished at AMU and facts of mathematics.

Well mathematics could be interesting, it is the Electrical Engineering  department that  steals the show.  Explaining it is Mr. Balakrishan, a Lecturer who shows us an automatic corridor lighting a real innovation. When any body enters the corridor, light will be on  for 2 minutes and when no body is moving the light will be off saving the energy.  Mr. Balakrishnan says that this can be extended for high way road or street lighting where the light will be off when no vehicle on road can be seen saving precious energy. TV remote controlled home appliance is yet another innovation Mr. Balakrishnan shows us how TV remotes  can switch on and off domestic appliances like light, fan, heater, Air conditioner and others. Traffic light controlled by programmable logic controller is another one and the main feature is that can change programme to suit different traffic densities.  Optical fiber demonstration unit is something new here and the audio sound is converted into optical signals for transmission from one place to another and the advantage is that bandwidth and it can carry large amount of data. Power factor correction meter is another innovation which can save energy loss.  Energy loss in the form of low power factor is saved by using automatic and dynamic correction equipment where compensating capacitors are automatically connected whenever inductive load such as motor is switched on. This saves lot of energy and it is mandatory equipment to be installed in all industries stipulated by Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation expecting all customers to this equipment.

Well, it is an educative and equally entertaining piece of action at today’s exhibition for one and all.


S. Ganesh