Interesting Knowledge Diffusion at Exhibition is taking place

Interesting common sense knowledge of various fields of science and technology are getting diffused in today’s exhibition. More than 500 visitors are paying a visit to this and as Mr. Tamiru, co-ordinator says the objective of exhibition is to celebrate the graduation ceremony.  Partitioned exhibition walls separate different colleges and institutes in gymnasium where these are housed displaying students and instructor works, innovative ideas, technology transfers news and about  Research & Community Service.

Many invited guests and higher officials from the town have paid visit and many more are expected as  Mr. Tamiru says,  and this exhibition is open for all town public and others.

Mr. Yohannes Dana, Assistant Professor  Department of Animal Science reveals interesting details about pictures depicting breeding system of animal husbandry and other researches done.  These photos are explanation of activities adequately displaying students disseminating knowledge to the community, it is learnt.

Mr. Mengistu Stephanos, Senior Web Developer ICT Center explains his department lucidly.  He has pictures explaining how this department has started.  He says, “ the pictures kept here tells from the beginning of ICT Science centre and when it was started”  Before five years ago, the speed of the internet was 1.5   mbps and now it is 100 mbps per second, Many pictures show how ICT department operates showing Data & Control Center,and  how all four campus centres are connected etc, Also seen are how Data centres are divided into two – network section and system section etc.  Many pictures exhibit the Video conferencing facility and learning system at AMU  as there are two rooms meant specifically for videoconferencing.  All ICT services  of AMU  including internet, intranet, video conferencing, virus solution, digital signage, server based application, ICT knowledge base, mail services, student management information system and e-learning are explained.  Mr Stepahnos also tells about ongoing projects vividly including tele health project and smart class room etc.  Many projects are in pipeline says he, including security camera system, one ID Card system and solar based electric backup system.  There are lots of films to watch in entertainment system and these ICT services are made possible by different companies.

The Mechanical Engineering Dept. has put something interesting and as Mr. Abebaw Technical Assistant demonstrates  vehicle components and internal operation of a car and a water turbine.  “First how Hydraulic   energy is changed into mechanical energy and for what purpose and why we are using mechanical energy” he says displaying the system, which has computer software doing graphic and numeric function.

While the mechanical engineering department display may be really interesting, the Physics dept has put up its lab equipments and does experiments for curious onlookers.  Mr. Endris Ali, Department Lab Assistant show us Oscilloscope, GM counter, Spectrometer, Steam power generator, Electric generator and Wave machine.  We can interestingly see how the wave machine propagates mechanical waves here. Many  other equipments are  displayed also.

The Biology department has depicted human anatomy interestingly as Mr. Nigatu Technical Assistant takes us through a tour of invertebrates, meaning insects and vertebrates, the reptiles displayed. We get to see Hydra Virdis, an animal invertebrate and egg of crocodiles as well as a dead  youngest crocodile and fish preserved.

While, this may be the second day of the exhibition, more visitors are expected to pay a visit and get informed and enlightened in this AMU show.