Graduation time – It is a happy time for all

It is morning around 7.00 clock in AMU stadium on 13th July 2013 and people have started arriving as everyone has come to get degrees. It is a happy time and the mood is gay and warm everywhere.  Dr.B.N. Arudhra Dharsenam, a professor in Bio Chemistry AMU  sums up like this. “The preparations are excellent this time and graduation is a token of happiness,  happiness among parents”  It is a pride for students and staff and we are celebrating every year and graduation is a stepping stone for those who receive it he says.He has congratulated the graduates and wished them all success

Dr. K.R. Ojha, Geology faculty of AMU shares the same sentiments  and says, very energetic, very fine and very encouraging on the atmosphere.  He advices graduates to work hard and exemplary to the society and they should do best in their profession.

Mr. Mesfin father of Mr. Muluken, an Electrical Engineering graduate says it is a happy moment as his son wants to be good engineer and work for Ethiopian society as Mr. Ermias, brother of Mr. Abiy civil Engineering graduate says, he is very happy and ready to sponsor his brother for higher studies.  He will work for 2-3 years and then go for higher studies,Mr.  Ermias says.

“This is good and very useful.  The celebration is beautiful and attractive and it is a nice functions” says Mr. Mihirtu Temtim friend of Mr. Mulugeta, a graduate of hydro engineering.  There is a busy time selling greeting cards and complimentary cards and Mr.Esedalah a Vendor says that People are happy and people are buying to give their friends and loved ones.

Mr. Addis friend of Mr. Teshome Dubale, a Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering graduate is happy and his friend will work in Hydropower for some timewhile Mr. Batire, uncle of Mr. Alex Badasa, a Journalism graduate shares the same sentiments.

Dr. Yechale, Dean Continuing Education College. says it is very interesting as compared to last year.  There are 3000 graduates now compared to 2800 graduates before and continues that it is very well prepared and everybody is happy and appreciated the whole thing.

Everybody has to work hard to make the program a success and Miss Erosa Mercha – a co-ordinator is one among them.  She was facilitating water and chairs and all other related work.  People are happy, everybody works here to make this program a success and there is no tension enough members are there to work, she says.

A word of caution from Mr. Seyoum, biology Lecturer to new graduates, “ It is not the last success but it is a beginning of new life.  They should work hard and life outside campus is different and they need to be more competent and my best wishes to them “ says he.

Final word and it comes from none other than a registrar of Chamo campus Mr. Eshetu.  “ They have to support their country and they should not enter into any corruption and should not be misguided by mischiefs.  They have to follow professional ethis” he says.  The mood is ideal today and it is a bench mark to launch successful future, he concludes.

It is a joyful and happy occasion and one has to feel proud and good to be in AMU’s graduation ceremony .

S. Ganesh