Entrepreneurship Training for teachers & Administration workers launched

An Entrepreneurship training program by Ms. Mulu Solomon  President, V. Chair Pan –African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PACCI) was launched yesterday inaugurated by Dr. Feleke Woldeyes, President AMU.  

Dr.Feleke Woldeyes  in his introduction recounted how he met her in Korea during a visit to Korea  and said about her entrepreneurial abilities and skills that impressed him and wanted her to come to Arba Minch to share her experiences to the students, teachers and administration workers. He thanked her for coming to Arba Minch   university for spending time with students and others in sharing her experiences as an entrepreneur.

Ms. Solomon, an expert in Entrepreneurship has completed development studies and was at Addis Ababa University and she is a writer, orator and entrepreneur for excellence.  She had received American Biographical Institute award and Ethiopian Import-Export Institute has recognized her and she is known for high quality teaching.

She started with her motivational speech saying that life has experiences and everyone has his or he r own experience. One has to learn from it she said.  She spoke on marketing and need for self employment for everyone and she was invited abroad several times for this, .  She was invited to speak on Health & nutrition and she had no knowledge and she prepared so well that that she answered every question as she prepared from library materials.  Now she is having students who are doing PhD in environment & Development and international marketing and such fields, she added.

She played leadership roles in different organizations and she has done development work for street children to become responsible children  and she recounted  how Kentucky Fried Chicken which was a small one when it was started became big and multi million dollar enterprise.

She says, “Begin everyday meeting with yourself” This means that one person has to analyze oneself and science has to be combined with spirituality she mentioned.

Parenting and the way one is brought up matters and she talked about not to be affected by criticism and the role of positive thinking is that which always matters and positive attitude comes from positive thinking.

She spoke on Good English speaking ability, personal hygiene and how these help in becoming better person along with leadership skills.  The business skills, creativity  and time bound actions and values in a good person are important, she said

She spoke about stepping stones in life and the need for discipline in one’s life and said that women are exploited everywhere and women have to fight for human rights, and change people’s attitudes.  One has to stop discrimination and overcome man made problems she added.

The whole lecture centered  around personality development, commitment and standing for truth and she spoke how small entrepreneurs are made and in  creating  positive climate business to grow etc.

Dr.Feleke Woldeyes, the President thanked her for giving time to speak to the students, administrators and teachers in the end.

S. Ganesh