Computer science dept. AMU launches DIGIT – an IT magazine

The Computer science & IT department have launched a magazine called DIGIT, the Horizon of IT featuring many activities of Computer Science & IT club activities.

DIGIT is a 23 pages news letter that has details on IT Expo 2013, which was launched this year featuring SMS Android Mobile Application by Arisema Tesfay, AMU HRM a software has different modules such as hiring, paying employees, training employees etc,  a computer game by name Snake, Amharic text reader, another Computer game – 2D Tank, Arba Minch University Gate Clearance System, AMU Online registration, Online Cloth Shopping website, CS & IT Club website, and 2D Animation developed by personnel of AMU.

DIGIT features photos of IT-Fest 2012 and 2013, and an article on Cloud Computing by Prof. Sharma.  Other articles feature, reverse engineering, embedded system, and semantic web all written by staff and students of IT & CSE departments.   There is an interesting piece on G Mail Tips & Tricks, G Mail Security for everyone. That’s not all.  There is a humorous column on Cyber Fun and article on face book, ICT in Ethiopia and Amazing IT technologies.  There is a tid bit on Great minds of Computer Science & IT and a congratulatory message to Mrs. Pravicha, a Lecturer in the department

DIGIT is a useful, interesting magazine and is a must for avid  light readers on computer science and IT

S. Ganesh