College of Social science & humanities


College of Social science & Humanities of AMU has a mission of offering relevant efficient and quality education and training; conducting demand driven research and rendering efficient community services.

According to the Ethiopian Higher Education Proclomation  No 650/2009 and its own charter(Council of Ministers Charter Regulation No 235/2011)  AMU is mandated to establish, organize and determine the status functions and responsibilities of academic units and close down any of them when the university finds it appropriate. Accordingly, College of Social Sciences and Humanities is established to function as an academic unit in the university.  The college is also mandated to


  • Design and implement graduate programs and short term trainings in accordance with the needs of the university
  • Publish and disseminate research works as well as hold discussions forums to deliberate upon the result
  • Establish and run academic journals and newsletters
  • Upgrade the qualifications of its academic staff and enhance continuously their professional competencies.
  • Contribute specially to the institutional capacity building of other public and non profit making private institutions including the upgrading of the qualifications of their academic status.
  • Provide consultancy services to governmental and non governmental organizations and the community
  • Co-operate with institutional quality assurance directorate on relevance of education and quality matters
  • Carry out such other activities that accord with its objectives and the mission, vision and objectives of the university


The Department of Ethiopian Languages and literature – Amharic aspires to be a resourceful and innovative college in the social and behavioral science and a center of excellence in indigenous  studies in Ethiopia by 2020.