Instructional skill training holds the key: Dr Guchie

The fourth module, which deals with ethical, professional obligation and commitment that you all will be oriented is paramount; as it sums up other three modules. The training will apparently lay the foundation that will enhance your teaching skill and boost confidence,’’ stressed the Vice President for Research and Community Service, Dr Guchie Gulie Sulla.

Dr Guchie said this while inaugurating five-day instructional skill training that begun at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus on September 23. The training is organized by university’s Institutional Quality Enhancement Centre (IQE) and it will conclude on 28th September.

Elaborating further, Dr Guchie said, ‘‘You all are fortunate to undergo such training as it’s very important and relevant to hone one’s skill, thus enabling you to deliver quality education. Though, I had good background, but without training, I was misfit. But after undergoing such training, I found myself altogether capable to teach in a way it was required.

Moreover, discharging responsibility as a teacher is very important for the nation building as human resource is quintessential in creating well-equipped manpower who in turn will contribute in nation development.’’

The training begun with IQE Director, Mr Yohhanes Tigro, appraising the gathering with four modules to be focused; he also introduced eight trainers meant for the five-day training.

The prime objective of the training is to acquaint the instructors with basics of classroom management, ethical conduct and to impart pedagogical skills in them so that they should be able to deliver quality services thus administering quality education to students.

During this five-day, the participants will be oriented in four teaching modules i.e. Learner-centered approach, Classroom Management, Assessment & instructional Planning and Ethical Aspects in Teaching in Higher Education.

Apart from focusing on the aforesaid modules, the training program will be interspersed with assessment and introductions to AMU student assessment policy and Academic Quality Assurance policy.

Faculty members from Pedagogical Science & Psychology department and Civic and Ethical Education department of the university are the resource persons for the training.

Pedagogical Science & Psychological Department’s faculty members are dealing with 3 modules i.e. learner-centered approach, Classroom management, Assessment & instructional planning, whereas Civic and Ethical Education department faculty members will make Ethical aspects in teaching in higher education easier for the instructors, Mr Yohhanes summed up.

By Philips Joseph