The main objective of this search is to know the whereabouts of alumni and to be connected to them for different reasons.

This is because “Graduate Tracer studies constitute and can be taken as important tool for educational planners, as they can provide valuable information for evaluating the results of the higher education and training institutions. This information may be used for minimizing any possible deficits in a given educational programme in terms of content, delivery and relevance and for further development of the institution in the context of quality assurance.”

As it is aforementioned, being connected to alumni and those who have served in the previous Arba Minch Water Technology Institute and the Present Arba Minch University has many advantages:

First, it is a vital primary step to determine the locational distribution of AMU graduates \second, the contributions and impacts they have brought in areas where they have been deployed and third,  for the future plans and destinations of AMU are worth mentioning.

Dear stakeholder:

Arba Minch University (AMU) has produced more than 14,453 graduates in several fields of specializations since its establishment as Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI). AMU is now one of the well-established universities in Ethiopia and preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary of establishment. AMU has a vision of becoming a leading University in Ethiopia, a center of excellence in the field of water resources in Africa and competitive in the world by 2020. We recognize that our former students and staff are part of AMU’s history and will significantly contribute towards the realization of our vision. With the intention of getting in touch with AMU alumni and former staff, this short questionnaire is presented to you. Thank you for taking your time to fill the questionnaire through which you will be reunited to your mother institution. More information will be delivered to you up on reception of your response.

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Corporate  Communication Directorate,  AMU