IQE holds ‘Classroom English Training’ for AMU instructors

‘‘English, the language of wider communication in today’s world dominates science, technology, media and politics and so on. And being the language of instructions, research and publication, it’s widely used in education and other sectors; universities in particular in Ethiopia,’’ said Mr Yohannes Tigro.


Institutional Quality Enhancement Centre, Director, Mr Yohannes, said this while opening, a three-day ‘Classroom English Training’ for Arba Minch University Instructors, from December 30 to January 1, 2014.

The instructor’s good command on language plays a greater role in their academic success and the way they teach students. Therefore, we feel that our instructors’ English language ability needs improvement and this workshop is a step further in that direction, he added.

Two experienced AMU English teachers, Corporate Communication Directorate’s Director, Mr Genene Gedebu Feleha and Coordinator of the program, Mr Milkesso Wako, were the resource persons for the training. Around 35 instructors from across AMU campuses participated in the training.

Training began with the session on the topic, ‘Unpacking your thought and classroom questions,’ both trainers, Mr Genene and Mr Milkesso oriented the students into the nuances of the topic.

Mr Milkesso enlightened the participants on the topics like, establishing classroom routine, talking about the classroom, organizing it, getting things done; language of giving feedback and understanding lecture structure.

Mr Genene concentrated on the topics i.e. starting and end of the lesson, English in other spontaneous classroom situations, language of maintaining classroom discipline, and finally getting all the participants practically involved by giving them practical exercises and taking feedback from them.

Participants were given exercise book containing variety of questions to evaluate their linguistic ability and also to strengthen the base of their skills with proper syntax and grammar.

All three days, instructors were orientated in the topics mentioned above accompanied by the display of video clippings to brush up their knowledge and get rid of their doubts. At the end of the training, all were found to be enthusiastic and showed greater interest for such trainings to improve their English language skills.

By Philips Joseph