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Public Health (Heath Officer) training program was started in Ethiopia in 1954 in the then Gondar Public Health College and Training Center. Currently, the program is being conducted in many universities under Colleges or school of Health Sciences. According to the report of the Ministry of Health, there were a total of 1, 151 Public Health Professionals (health officers) in 2006/2007. Even though the number of training institutions was dramatically increased, still the demand for the profession is not yet met. To assure this demand and improve the quality of education it is essential to train competent professionals by carefully coordinated manner. Therefore, adjustment of training curricula is made to suit contemporary situation throughout the programs’ lifetime, now reaching its maximum appropriateness.


The department of Public Health was established in 2007/08 Academic Year along with other sister departments in the college of Medicine and Health sciences. At its establishment the department admitted 76 students who were assigned by MoE. Taking the role of the university and college in to account, the department designed programs other than regular programs in summer and day time extension to respond for thirsted community for further education opportunity. Since 2010, summer and Day-time extension programs were officially opened and still serving many having very high interest on the program.

Master level education is also given priority on the departments’ strategic plan from its inception and now come to be true in the year 2012. The department launched MPH (Master of Public health) program jointly with Addis Continental Institute of Public Health (ACIPH) admitting 37 students (4 females) for the first time. This is believed to help in capacity building scheme of the department and the college besides community service and contribution to the overall human resource development of the country.

In the history of the department, the current staff profile is overwhelming. 12 masters holding teaching staffs with various specialties (Epidemiology/Biostatistics, Health Service Management, Nutrition, Reproductive Health, Global Health and General MPH); 2 GA-II; and 9 staffs studying in Master program level and one PhD fellow at AAU. In the department, 6 staffs are females (4 masters and 2 at education)While teaching and consulting students, the staffs of Public Health department engaged in various projects in the college and devotedly working on project winning proposals besides active research undertakings under the umbrella of the university.


The department of Public Health aspires to become one of leading center of excellences in East Africa in public health training, research and community services by 2020.


Based on an ecological model of health, the mission of this program is to educate public health professionals who can render preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services to community; use up to date analytic and managerial public health tools and skills to influence people and environmental conditions; manage programs and institutions; undertake applied research and play leading roles at different levels of Ethiopian Health System, in ways that advance public health objectives.

Academic Programs

Master’s program: Master of Public Health (General MPH) Jointly with Addis Continental Institute of Public Health

Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health:

  • Regular
  • Extension (Day-time) and
  • Summer


A Number of research projects underway by the staffs of public health alone and/or in collaboration with sister departments. To mention some of the themes:

  • Health service responsiveness in Gamo Gofa zone
  • HIV/AIDS (PMTCT, quality of life, socio-demographics…etc.)
  • Family Planning (unmet need, factors affecting…etc.)
  • Reproductive Health of Youth (general assessment, Abortion in Higher education Institutions…etc.)
  • Nutrition (Breast feeding, micro and macro-nutrient deficiency)
  • Environmental Health (Latrine coverage and utilization)

Community Service

  • “Stay Safe” Web based IEC program on Reproductive Health mainly on HIV/AIDS
  • Training and capacity building for health professionals in the zone
  • Extension programs (extension and summer programmes)

Any Relevant Information

Due to the variety professional mix and energetic young staffs, any research, training and consultancy service efficiently and effectively can be handled. Trainings were given in collaboration with GOs, NGOs and faith-based organizations demonstrated this fact. The experience we had in project management (Demographic and Health surveillance survey funded by CDC through EPHA; PCV – one year project in collaboration with MOH and ACIPH) put the staffs able to manage big projects. We now entered in to national and global level research and consultancy contests showing dramatic improvements.  Any organization working in the field, we are here for you! Use us, you will be benefited more!

Staff Profile

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Binyam Bogale
Head, Department of Health Officers
P.O. Box 21
Arba Minch University

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