Students Coordination Centre, Graduate Class Union, hold Graduate Ceremony

Would-be graduates always look for the convocation with a baited breath. Albeit, the D-Day is three-week away for Arba Minch University’s graduating students, but the celebration seems to have already started with Graduate Committee organizing its maiden ceremony on 11th June, at Main Campus.


Some of the graduating students draped in black suits and some in casuals in the presence of AMU’s top-notch officials made the atmosphere pulsating with Gamo Band belting out cultural number and a pair of boys rendering rap songs to the accompaniment of vigorous music.

The program got off with the gathering respectfully voicing Ethiopian national anthem.  AMU President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, appreciating Graduate Class Union, Students Coordination Centre and AMU Students Union for organizing this first ever event, said, ‘‘You have been honest, intelligent and hard-working, now you have graduated, so when you go out, you need to be more accountable in whatever you do and learn from your experience.’’

After three weeks, he said, graduation ceremony will be held. Now, it’s time for you to remain focused and prepare yourself to contribute towards the nation’s building and your own progress that would speak volumes about University where you studied.

In a draw of lottery for the graduating students, Dr Feleke’s chosen number (006916)  won a Toshiba laptop followed by the number (016726) picked up by Dr Agena Anjulo, won a Flash-drive.

The program punctuated with a cultural song - ‘Gamo, Gofa, Giddicho, Zayse, and Oyda,’ with a troupe dancing, poem-recital by a student and a comic skit left the audience completely pepped up. A peppy number representing Tigrai region has youths dancing and shaking their bodies in unison with music emphasizing the ethnic splendor.

Graduate Committee Chairman Mr Daniel Shewarega, while reading out the annual report, informed the gathering about its year-long student’s welfare and community-centric activities. Putting forth committee’s financial details, he informed, out of the annual earning of ETB 60,000, electronic items purchased to be given as prize in the lottery draw i.e. laptop, camera, flash-draw etc. cost them ETB 15,000.

Graduate Committee is likely to come out with two bulletins; of which one will be devoted to 1500-graduating students from the Main Campus and students from other campuses will be accommodated in the second bulletin.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Arba Minch Tourist Hotel, Arba Minch University and one of the hoteliers from Ziway town Ato Befekadu has given financial aid to them, Daniel added.

Dr Agena, during the draw of the lottery, lauded students for their efforts and integrity, but at the same time exhorted them to maintain low-profile and let every activity of theirs contribute towards people’s welfare and society at large.

Graduate Class Union will be conducting Graduate Ceremony at Abaya Campus on 12th June, and at Chamo and Nechsar campuses subsequently.

By Philips Joseph