Department of Mathematics


The department of Mathematics has been in existence since the inception of the institute in 1986 as a section under basic science department. Latter when the faculty of applied sciences established in 2004 under Arba Minch University it becomes one of one of the departments under the faculty.

Mathematics is an inherently interdisciplinary subject, which covers a wide spectrum of scientific activities. It is mathematics dealing with problems arising in the physical, life and social sciences as well as in engineering, and provides a broad qualitative and quantitative background for use in these fields. The method of mathematical modeling and analysis provide a unification and mutual enrichment of ideas from many different areas, and a deeper understanding of the fields to which it is applied. Applied mathematics draws up on concepts and methods of mathematics from the fields of application and in turn, brings ideas, techniques and scientific knowledge back to influence the development of mathematics.

Owing to its nature, mathematics appeals to people with a variety of different interests, ranging from those with a desire to obtain a good quantitative background for use in some future career, to those who wish to have a better understanding of the basic mathematical aspects of other fields, or to those who are interested in the basic techniques an approaches in themselves.

Vision of Mathematics Department

  • The department of mathematics aspires to be one of the leading departments in the fields of pure and applied mathematics in east Africa by 2020.

Mission of Mathematics Department

  • The department of mathematics has a mission of offering relevant and quality education and training ; conducting demand driven researches  and rendering accessible community services

Objectives of the B.Sc. program in Mathematics

  • To produce graduates with skills to use mathematics in modeling and solving real problems of mathematics, science and engineering, commerce and industry.
  • To carry out professional development of the mathematics in the area of teaching, research, consulting, and necessary technological equipment.
  • To advance mathematics knowledge through research.
  • To provide a special environment for the interaction of people with varied scientific interests.
  • To develop students’ basic mathematical thinking, logical reasoning, communication and writing skills.

Programs in the department of Mathematics

The department of mathematics currently runs the following programs:

  • Degree program in mathematics(regular and extension)
  • Masters program in mathematics
  • Service course for students in the faculty of sciences, faculty of technology and faculty of information.

Staffs Profile

Graduate profile

Graduate from the department of mathematics will be able to:

  • Pursue graduate studies in mathematics and related fields of studies
  • Assist and participate in conducting researches
  • Acquire adequate mathematical knowledge to teach in secondary schools, college and universities
  • Demonstrate environmental, social , cultural and political awareness
  • Act in an ethical manner, recognized and be guided by social , professional  and ethical issues involved in their career in particular
  • Demonstrate knowledge of diverse areas in mathematics such as algebra, analysis and applied mathematics.


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