‘Tech-Fest 2014-15’: AMU to participate; national leg preparation afoot

Arba Minch Institute of Technology (AMiT) is all set to participate in the International Robotic Challenge – Tech-Fest 2014-15, to be held at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, by its non-profit student organization - Tech-Fest, from 2nd to 4th January 2014.

Spearheading the national leg of this global contest, AMiT will host ‘IRC-Ethiopia 2014-15,’ at university premises in December 2014. Two teams consisting of 15 individuals have already been selected for the same to represent AMiT; of which 10 would participate in the final and concluding stage at IIT Bombay.

Tech-Fest 2014-15, a unique initiative is slated in two stages. Its first international leg will be conducted at various universities across the world. ‘Tech-Fest–2014,’ was successfully staged in countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

The idea of participation from Ethiopian Universities was conceived in 2014. However, this year, the agreement to this effect was signed between Arba Minch University and IIT, Bombay, in June 2014; Dr Hussein Seid from AMU and Prof. S Mallick, Faculty Advisor, Tech-Fest 2014-15, from IIT Bombay inked the pact.

IRC Ethiopia’s sole objective is to provide platform and intensify the level of Ethiopian universities students’ interaction with their international counterparts. It will accrue AMiT, a wider publicity across 2500 colleges in India. And apart from setting the trend; publicity received and confidence gained will enable Ethiopian universities to grow rapidly and meet future challenges.

It will enable students with the help of faculty to apply technology to real life problem-solving in the process of designing robots for the IRC and apply to industries, thus contributing and improving economy of the country.

At the preparatory stage, AMiT will soon invite all Universities in Ethiopia, of which only two teams will be identified as winner and runner-up by a panel of judges. The rules and regulation formulated by Tech-Fest IIT Bombay in Aug 2014 will be applicable for the game.

AMiT has already designed the website with Information Communication Technology Centre’s help that is buffered to Tech-Fest’s main web portal via http://www.techfest.org/irc and http://www.techfest.org//ircfinale. An online interactive form will enable participants to get them registered.

The selected teams of AMiT, including students and staff members are busy in designing Robots for the event. Both the teams are apprised about the rules & regulation and soon venue for the event will be designed and sponsors identified.

In a run-up to this contest, stage is set to create publicity and awareness among various universities; Ministry of Education’s help in particular will catapult this much-hyped event to the greater height.

Sponsors among the stakeholders would be approached for support in any form including financial aid for conducting the national event and travel to India.

Information from http://www.techfest.org/sponsors may provide deep insight. The tentative expenditure for AMiT participation in this international competition is pegged at ETB 430,000.

By Corporate Communication Directorate (Philips Joseph)