Scholarship Announcement for MSc in Public Health & Veterinary Entomology for Disease Control: The First in the Country

In Ethiopia, vector borne diseases become major public health and veterinary problems, and are among the leading causes of sickness and death. Professional knowledge and skills of entomologists is critical in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating diseases vector control programs, and in operational decision-making. In producing entomologists who can carry out such tasks, Arba Minch University can play a vital role. The university is situated in area with much vector borne diseases, and is suited to serve as a regional center for providing training on prevention and control of malaria and other vector borne diseases. Towards this end, the university has launched an MSc program in “Public Health & Veterinary Entomology for Disease Control”; the first in the country.

The program is believed to make a considerable contribution to the national efforts of improving public and animal health status through the pursuit of problem solving research undertakings at graduate level and consultancy services on vectors control at local and national levels. Arba Minch University School of Graduate Studies, thus, announces a scholarship for candidates who are interested in the program and meet specific requirements listed below.

Application requirements

BSc or equivalent degree in biology, public health, laboratory technology, veterinary medicine, animal sciences and other related fields from a recognized higher education institute

Success in entrance examination which focuses on public health and veterinary entomology & disease vectors control.

Official transcript from the university 1st degree is obtained

Special benefits

The candidates are:

Exempted from research supervision fees

Provided research grant (up to 50,000 birr)

Special support will be provided to female students. Thirty percent (30%) of the given quota will be reserved for them

The benefits are offered by Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED) through “South Ethiopia Network of Universities in Public Health (SENUPH): improving women’s participation in post-graduate education”.

Application time

Second semester of each year (Mid January to Mid February).