Workshop on Hydro diplomacy and prospects of security in North Eastern Africa

The Acting Executive Director of AMIT Ato Ermias Alemu in speech on the opening of the workshop on March 14, 2012

indicated that the event is intended to create motivation and engagement of the staff to such an issue of regional concern.


On the event presentation was made by Dr. Yacob Arsano, who is senior researcher and well known book writer such as his book “Ethiopia and the Nile". Accordingly, the diplomacy and treaty on Hydropower made between Ethiopian government and neighbor countries are revised. During the presentation the 1891 Anglo-Italian treaty, the 1906 Anglo-Franco-Italian treaty, the 1925 Anglo-Italian treaty, the 1929 Anglo-Egyptian treaty, and the 1959 Egypt-Sudan treaty for full utilization of the Nile basin (water) were given detailed coverage.

Beyond drops of water Dr. Yacob explained the four imperative points that we need to look at; such as Environmental, Economic, Legal / institutional, and Security affairs. Issues related to great renaissance dam with regard to the Ethiopian water right context were also addressed in the presentation.

Following the public lecture questions and concerns were forwarded by the participants to whom the presenter gave adequate explanations in a form of discussion.

Finally, Dr. Yacob indicated the obligation of Arba Minch University in general and the institute in particular in capacitating the water resource development by relating it to local and national level hydro politics study. The session was concluded with vote of thanks from AMiT.


Reported by Geta Fekede

Public and External Relation Expert

Corporate Communication Directorate

Arba Minch University - March 2012.