Dr Yechale Kebede holds consultative meeting with expatriate staff

The consultative meeting between Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Yechale Kebede, and all expatriates staff developed an alchemy that has reminded latters’ about their responsibilities, quality of service delivery, compliance with rules and regulation and in particular, those involved in dereliction of duties had the message loud and clear that ‘if you rest, you will rust! The meeting was held at new auditorium, Main Campus on 5th January, 2017. Click here to visit participant pictures

Dr Yechale initially appreciating latter for promoting AMU in right perspective emphasized that their action must be translated into tangible result. He said expat staff must be scholarly; they must educate, instruct, guide, coordinate, collaborate, assist and share their invaluable experiences to recalibrate local staff and students’ intellectual worth.

Citing sporadic incidents where few were found foisting their ‘ideas’ on students and engaged in inappropriate activities thus breaching the trust entrusted on them. He said if anyone found indulging in such things in future will be viewed with seriousness.

He asked them to uphold objective of higher education and guiding principle of university. They were told to inculcate democratic culture in students and make them globally competent. He strongly slammed those for being lenient in evaluating exams; but told them to be objective.

Stressing the importance of university’s three pillars i.e. teaching-learning, research and community service, he told expats to participate in horizontal activities. Apart from teaching, one must involve in problem-solving research and community service that will benefit people at large thus enabling university to excel in its endeavor to harness technology to carve a niche across Africa.

Stressing further he asked them to refrain from theory, but focus on practical exposure to students as nation wants them to be an entrepreneurs. While rendering full-time services each need to be engaged in developing joint research with local staff and students that will support food security in Ethiopia, he averred.

He asked every department to have weekly seminar and workshops on science, technology and environmental issues where expatriates must partake and also wants them to engage in team based research publications.

Pinpointed lacunas, he said few were found to be primarily focusing on theories, some lack competency and avoid continuous assessment; blasting those for not developing, defending research project proposals in time and advising students in a correct manner, he asked them to mend their ways or face the music.

Some of the expatriates were lauded for their punctuality in submitting grades, involving in research and community service; Dr Yechale had a word of praise for few who, he said, often found walking extra mile in carrying out their responsibilities and asked others to emulate.

During discussion, answering two issues raised by Dr N K Yadav, Dr Yechale informed that university will forthwith come up with staff development plan for local teaching staff and soon university community can have access to well-known journals from across the globe.

Prof. Murthy, who proposed a plan of internal-external assessment to strengthen quality of education, was told to develop a proposal in that regard; others raised issues like workload, allocation of teaching assignment, etc.

Dr Yechale reiterated that now onwards such consultative meeting will be held every quarter in AMU; and emphasizing the need to acknowledge good works, he informed that this year as well, university will felicitate good achievers in ‘Expatriates’ Evening’ to be held in June 2017.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)