Adwa Victory, scripted Ethiopian renaissance: Dr Tewodros

Department of History and Heritage Management of College of Social Science and Humanities for the first time has commemorated 121st anniversary of Adwa Victory on 4th March, 2017, at Main Campus; war veterans, various guests and AMU community were in attendance. Click here to see the pictures.

AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza, reiterating the significance of Adwa victory, said, it’s of great significance for entire Africa, though it’s Ethiopian achievement yet it inspires the Third World that tells us to give our best to achieve developmental objective to ensure food security and keep our territorial integrity intact.

The key-note speaker, Dr Tewodros Hailemariam, guest from Dilla University, symbolizing Adwa triumph as the Ethiopian renaissance, said it got embossed on the African consciousness that is looked at as the watershed movement of national independence and political sovereignty.

The program began with College of Social Sciences and Humanities Dean, Dr Teshome Yirgu, welcoming gathering; he said, it’s our privilege to celebrate 121st anniversary of Adwa victory. Later, various speakers spoke on different aspects associated with Adwa war.

Elaborating further, Dr Tewodros said Ethiopia has fought many battles in the past 150 years and especially, second half of 19th century was the time of scramble for Africa as all surrounding regions were conquered by colonial warlords. In all this, Adwa stands out for inflicting crushing defeat on Italian by the Ethiopian patriots, called ‘Contingent of the Brave.’

On Italian conquest, he said, their ambition in this part of Africa has earlier history. Soon after their unification, they were looking for a foothold, so in 1870, they occupied port of Asab and Mitsiwa (now in Eritrea). In 1884-85, with British army, they had encroached into highland parts (in Eritrea) and by 1890, they had almost occupied present day Eritrea.

He informed, in past, Ethiopia had fought many wars like that of Magdala, Gundet, Gura, Dogali, Adwa, Maychew, Ethio-Somali, Ethio-Eritrea, etc. in which eight were won except Magdala, and Maychew. But, Adwa Victory has rewritten the Ethiopian history in golden letters.

One of AMU teachers, Mr Tesfaye Aklilu, speaking on outstanding display of unity said this war has shown great unity between combatant and non-combatant that further got expanded and was instrumental in successfully defeating imperialistic design of Italian invaders.

Stressing the diplomatic endeavor of Empress Tayitu (wife of Emperor Menilik-II), who using her political astuteness got diabolic ‘Article 70’ abrogated from Wuchale Treaty between Ethiopia and Italy on May 2, 1889; had it not been done, it would have caused immense damage to Ethiopian territorial integrity and political sovereignty, he added.

History and Heritage Management Department Head, Mr Kassu Tumiso, unraveling another dimension of it, said, ‘‘Adwa Victory had consolidated the sense of unity and belongingness among Ethiopian and gave an opportunity to share common political, psychological and historical values.’’

One of the teachers, Mohammed Seid and others also presented their papers on different aspects of Adwa Victory. The program was anchored by Mr Abera Worku, while discussion was chaired by Sileshi Meshesha and others.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)