Official ceremony of delivery of collection of more than 300 books from The Central Washington University Foundation, USA was held at Science Library, main campus of AMU on 29th March 2012.

Dr. Feleke Woldeyes, Academic Affairs Vice President of AMU, indicated in his opening speech that AMU recognizes his good hearted faculty members who express their sense of ownership through their commitment for the good of the university by whatever way they can. Prof. Upreti becomes one of such appreciable staff who took time to come up with this achievement, he added. He was in close contact with and fellow up to the effort made since the beginning.


The books were received through concerted personal effort of Prof. Bishal Nath Upreti who is Nepalese expatriate working in the Department of Geology, AMU. Prof. Upreti indicated that he took the initiative as he faced shortage of books for the courses he offers in the department. Accordingly, he made communication with his friends working in the USA.

After making contact to several good hearted personnel he finally managed to find volunteers willing to donate the books from around the USA. The books were then collected at The Central Washington University Foundation, USA before shipping to Ethiopia.

Dr. Yoseph Birru, President of AMU, in his speech of the ceremony indicated that the effort made by Prof. Upreti is an exemplary to the rest of the faculty members of AMU. Meanwhile the president recalls the shortage of books especially in the areas of Geology as he taught engineering courses interfacing with geological background. He also refers in his speech similar donations were made through Mr. Arvind Bhatt, Department of Management and Dr. D.P. Sharma,Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, AMU. He expressed his gratitude to Prof.Upreti for being a cause to receive such an invaluable resource that can serve number of generations to come. Dr. Yoseph awarded AMU’s certificate of appreciation to Prof. Upreti in recognition to his sense of ownership and personal effort for the good of his department and AMU in general.

Some participants of the ceremony expressed that the exemplary effort made by their fellow staff inspired them to do more especially in the line of their profession for the betterment of AMU and the community at large. Finally, Dr. Feleke offered AMU’s award to Prof. Upreti for his considerable contribution to receive the collections.

Reported by Geta Fekede

Public and External Relation Expert

Corporate Communication Directorate

Arba Minch University - April 2012