White Ribbon Day occurs on the 25th November, which is also known as the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This day is the annual pinnacle of the campaign to urge men and boys to wear a white ribbon as visible pledges never to commit condone or remain silent about violence against women.

Gender office marked the Day 30 Nov 2012, by hosting awareness creation conference for the university staffs, students and invited guests from GamoGofa Zone women’s affair and other zonal offices.

The conference, organized by the University Gender office and the Federal human right commission , was well attended and raised awareness and understanding of the impact and effect of violence against women’s and girls’ while the day was observed through panel discussion held in lecture theater hall of the University with participants of different groups.

"By ending violence against women, we not only improve women's ability to fully participate in family and community life without fear, we also give them the chance to contribute socially and economically to the growth and development of the country, the federal Commission Commissioner for human rights message by the delegates.”

White Ribbon Day Focus on Stopping Violence against Women and girl’s, Dr. Agena Anjulo V/President for Academic Affairs said on the opening remark that

“Women affected by violence are our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends...we need to create a society where violence against women is unacceptable,"

World AIDS Day was also observed by panel discussion in Nech Sar Campus on  December 1, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.