ARBA MINCH: A two-day annual research symposium organized by College of Business and Economics got underway at the University main campus from 3rd to 4th June, 2013, with a main theme of ‘Prospects and challenges of private sector Development in Ethiopia’.  Experts, researchers, government and NGOs representatives attended the symposium.


The Director for Research Directorate, Dr. Fantahun Woldesenbet, while delivering the welcome speech said, ‘‘Research in Arba Minch University has been transformed from individually-driven, fragmented and not contributing much to the community and nation at large to the problem-solving and multidisciplinary.

This time, all the research projects in the varsity are based on the problems and demands of the community. The government of Ethiopia has given due attention and sufficient funding for research. There is commitment to solve the problems based on the research results.’’

Dr Feleke Woldeyes, Presedant of AMU during the opening speech

In his opening speech, Dr. Feleke Woldeyes, President of the University, indicated that the private sector’s contributions to the growth of National economy are well recognized in Ethiopia. The private sector can play irreplaceable role in enhancing industrialization, creating massive job opportunity and transferring technology.

He further stressed, its potential to support the country’s economic growth through providing quality goods and services to the international market is also well noted. The government of Ethiopia has introduced a variety of reforms aimed at improving macro-economic stability, accelerating economic growth, and increasing the private sector’s share in the overall economic well-being of the country.’’

Dr Solomon Markos , Dean for CBE                                          Dr Fantahun Woldesenbet, Director for Research Directorate

In his keynote address, Dr Solomon Markos, Dean of the college of Business and Economics, explained that the expansion of the infrastructure, institutional, organizational and regulatory frameworks aimed at improving investment climate of Ethiopia can be taken as a great opportunity for private sector development.

As a study indicates, 600 managers surveyed see Ethiopia as more open for business than ever, which is very optimistic signal for the private sectors development in the nation. Although, Ethiopian economic growth seems to be public sector-led in reality, it is hard to deny the significant contribution of the private sector to the economic growth of the country.

However, the private sector is not yet close to contributing the expected level of share to Ethiopian economy. Some studies show that the expansion of private sector in Ethiopia is severely hampered by lack of adequate capacity and weak institutional frameworks. The private sector faces many challenges associated with the issue such as business environment, judicial system and property rights, finance and financial sector and global and Macro environment.’’

Participants partially

Ato Hailesilassie Tadele, Ato Mitiku G/kidan, W/t Tigist Haile, Ato Amanuel Tekelay, Ato Afework Getachew, Ato Daniel Mehari, Ato kirubel Habtie, Ato Tadelle Tesfaye, Ato Abedom G/Michael, Ato Taye Tadesse and Ato Temesegen Teshome from Wolaita Soddo University, Mekelle University and Arba Minch University representatives presented their point of views through their presentations.

Dr Torra Abebe, Dr. Abebe Habte, Dr. Arvind Bhatt, Ato Getenet Haimanot, Ato Habtamu Endris, Ato Mulalem Mekonen, Ato Binyam Zewdie, Ato Mubarek Jaffer, Ato Mesfin Menza, Ato Temesgen Tera, Ato tolosa Negese chaired the respective sessions.

W/t Betelhem Fikiru, Ato Amare Abawa and Ato Lisanework Amare were the moderators for the day.

The day’s session was attended by around 100 participants including members from Arba Minch University.

By Geta Fekede Haile

PIR Expert,CCD