Higher Diploma Program’s 2nd round Moderation workshop got underway on June 28, at Institutional Quality Enhancement Center (IQE) Hall and Graduation ceremony was held at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus on June 29, 2013. Click here to see the pictures.

Moderation workshop began with Arba Minch University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, hailing AMU’s moderating activities for its clusters. Emphasizing the need to share experiences and challenges faced by HDP candidates, he said, ‘‘It will be very helpful to share your varied experiences and efforts put in to resolve the problems you might have confronted. Action research must continue because it’s important for the teachers.’’

The program began with delegated IQE Director, Mr Yohannes Tigro, welcoming the participants. He informed the gathering about the first workshop held in Feb 2012, where they had discussed about first two teaching modules.

The first day, witnessed the presentation of reports, sharing of experiences and challenges encountered by all participating institutions and comments on the best Action Research. Around 32 HDP graduates and Higher Diploma Leaders (HDLs) from AMU, Wolaita Soddo University, Wachemo University, Arba Minch College and Hosanna College of Teachers Education participated in the workshop.

Graduation ceremony began with Mr Yohannes Tigro delivering the welcoming speech. The ceremony was set at the backdrop of bonhomie and camaraderie as all HDP candidates turned up well dressed exuding enthusiasm and élan.

Exhorting IQE, Dr Feleke, said, ‘‘Higher Diploma Program needs to be expanded as all teachers need pedagogical skill. The acquired skill will enhance individual teacher’s capability.’’

And to fill this gap, he proposed the idea to train AMiT instructors and called upon them to undertake the training, even if they have work pressure because it will be mutually beneficial. He lighted the candles to mark the opening of the ceremony and cut the cake.

Mr Yohannes, presenting HDP Annual Report for the year 2012-13, asked few questions pertaining to the objectives of HDP i.e. class size of 80 was too large, whether they have moved from teacher-centered to student-centered method, active learning method was interesting, whether HDP training has improved their action research skill thus eliciting answers to ascertain whether HDP objective was achieved.

He cited some challenges being faced by HDP, like shortage of Higher Diploma Leaders in some clusters - Wachemo and Arba Minch University, workload on candidates and leaders, clash of HDP session with exams and training, lack of HDP library and dedicated rooms.

For the year 2012-13, 96 HDP graduates are from AMU; Wolaita Soddo University has 33, Wachemo University 23, Arba Minch College of Teachers Education 15 and Hosanna College of Teachers Education 10; AMU has certified all HDLs.

In the next academic year, HDP future plan is to carry out impact assessment, continue moderation visits and workshops and to start HDP for AMiT instructors. On the occasion, all graduates were administered the oath. Certificates were distributed by the heads of respective college deans.


By Philips Joseph