The graduation ceremony of the Arba Minch University will be held on July 13th 2013 and this is to inform you that all graduating candidates of art, science and technology as well as health and medicine will be awarded degrees.

This is to inform you that the graduation ceremony will confer degrees on all branches of knowledge offered by Arba Minch University Arba Minch  Ethiopia to qualified candidates and those who undergone the prescribed course during the stay at any of the Arba Minch University Campuses. The occasion will be accompanied by exhibition, panel discussions, question – answer sessions,  visit to different labs, workshops and ICT center, and event presentations, awareness creation activities and much more. Invited guests from throughout the country and  President as well as other officials of the university would be participating in this program and you are invited to cover this program for your media organization.  Transport and refreshments would be provided to those journalists participating for their media organization. For further details, contact Corporate Communication Directorate Arba Minch University Arba Minch Ethiopia.


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