The exhibition which is to start tomorrow coinciding the Graduation ceremony is in full swing as the indications are available today.  The Architecture department has full plans and speaking on it Mr. Shawul, 3rd year student who is in charge says, “There will be model of building, different kinds of drawings, painting, art works, sculpture displayed for three days” He says further that the projects are new, student works, instructor works  and all are creatively designed. Mr.  Tigistu yet another student says that these designs are not only new but also are unique.


Mr. Thomas, Lecturer- Nursing  says that they have story of nursing, how it started all explained in pictures and LCD would be used His department would show Cardio Pulmonary Research Station and how to stop bleeding and choking as well.  First aid procedures and neo natal research station would be explained he added.  Whatever works carried out during whole year would be explained as well.  .

The Meteorology and hydrology department has plans to display research and hydrological instruments and method of observation Mr. Yared, Technical Assistant says.  They also have solar radiation measurement instrument to measure intensity of solar radiation would also be on display he added.

Other departments have started arriving  to display their wares. No doubt, this exhibition is a welcome event and a must for all students freshers and old alike.