The computer science department at Arba Minch University has come up with some interesting models to show at the exhibition today held at University gymnasium.   Different types of software, different projects of graduating class students are exhibited as well as there are projects of G-4 final year students and MSc projects were on display . Mrs. Pravicha Lecturer  says about the exhibition, “University has taken best initiative so that students will get a good exposure in their concerned expertized  field by holding this exhibition” She continues that in the coming year they can do better.  Mr. Sajil another lecturer is optimistic, “Our students are hard working.  Their successes  are exhibited here” says, he.

The chemistry department has something fantastic to show about in this exhibition and it  displays to isolate dye from natural existing plants.      “I am also trying to synthesize a dye from synthetics” says, Mr. Addis Alem  Lecturer – Organic chemistry who was sitting at the exhibition.  He wants to derive dye from natural resource by exposing plant to water and can synthesize a dye by using  o-tutoulidne dye.


The biology department has some experiments and some models to show and it is very interesting. Mr. Mulugeta,  Lecturer – biology says the department profile would be told to the visitors

The college of Agriculture which comprises plant sciences, horticulture, animal science, Natural Resource Management, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development has Brooder house – for Poultry, made from locally available material and carton.  This department exhibits model of poultry farm  and different activities within poultry department including bio gas, broiler layer are shown here.  The animal science department shows chicken house, poultry house made from locally available material and  Solomon Chicken Box.  Mr. Kassahun – Lecturer – Animal Science is enthusiastic about the whole affair and will also tell about his department’s  Research and Community Service.

The students and visitors have many interesting tales to see and hear about at this year’s exhibition.