Entrepreneurship training for graduating students at all AMU campuses has started today and it would be helpful to them personally in their careers  says Dr. Arvind Bhatt a trainer and faculty in the Dept of Management studies at AMU.  Mr. Mulgeta Mehari is the co-ordinator of this two day program covering basics of entrepreneurship, small business, Market Research and Market Planning besides dealing sources of finance and Negotiation skills. 

Dr. Arvind Kumar Bhatt says, “ Now a days entrepreneurship is viewed as economic development power source which lies with new graduates” They have all qualities and they can contribute to nation development and even in developed countries the more focus is on developing entrepreneurs. Dr. Bhatt continues that it generates self employment, a career option for graduates and training will help them to understand the basic business idea in becoming successful in the global business environment.

He says that the two day program will cover all aspects of entrepreneurship and focus is on marketing, It will improve the decision making ability