Mr. Jemal Said Ebrahim has scored a GPA of 3.96 and he is the top candidate in his field of study in AMU.  When asked, how he got this, he replied saying that he had worked hard.  “I have been studying for more than 8 hours per day” says he and this has helped him to stand first in his field. He had studied hard in primary and secondary schools and he has been reading extra books part from classes. He has been reading not just class books but other subject books as well and this has kept him abreast with knowledge.


Agriculture is not just a joke and one needs to keep tempo right from beginning, and he has just did that.  He got on right footing when he got into college in AMU and he has been continuing to work hard. No doubt, success is not a difficult thing to achieve, he says.

His agricultural lecturers have encouraged him as he had shown progress and interest, and they gave him extra time, friendly and helpful in clearing doubts, when he had these.  His favorite subject is Natural Resource Management and he would do MSc in it and would become a teacher or lecturer after that.

His role model is  his grandfather, who is one of the best teachers in secondary school and he wants to be like him, he says.  He is trying to do more work and harder to achieve and realize his goals

He is all praise for AMU and he says that AMU is one of the oldest universities in Ethiopia and has more experienced lecturers.  This has contributed to his success and thankful to all lecturers and teachers his department has.

For future , he looks optimistic and says that he will continue his education in Natural Resource Management, where he would go into become a specialist. That may not be difficult to this man who has been on work for a longer time and not just now.