Arba Minch University marks 4th Doctoral day and welcomes newly graduated PhD staff from different Universities on 1st April, 2023. Click here to see Pictures.

Opening the program AMU President, Dr. Damtew Darza, said that apart from warmly welcoming the newly graduated PhD staff from study leaves, such institutional meeting has important value in inducing ideas to improve service and support staff on PhD study leave at abroad and home; it also initiates us to maximize our efforts to improve the graduation rate of PhD students in line with AMU’s current differentiation as Research University.

AMU Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr. Alemayhu Chufamo, hoped that the new PhD staff will give their professional service with commitment and dedication so that AMU will meet its national commitment as a Research University.  Addressing the PhD candidates, Dr. Alemayehu advised them not to get discouraged by the hurdles they face, rather they should challenge the challenges themselves and always keep going forward.

Dr. Abera Uncha, Executive Director for the School of Post Graduate Studies, presenting the school’s report on AMU Doctoral Programs said, currently, 289 PhD candidates are pursuing their studies in 34 different programs in various fields. According his report within the last three years, the university has graduated 23 students at PhD level; among them two were from Arba Minch Water Technology Institute, two from the College of Business and Economics, eight from the College of Natural and Computational Sciences and the rest 11 were from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. He noted that 26 new PhD holders joined AMU from June 2022 to March 2022 which is highly instrumental in strengthening graduate programs and enhancing the visibility AMU. He finally emphasized the need for students' timely accomplishment of their study as per the time stipulated in the curriculum of the program.

Dr. Birhanu Gebo, PhD graduate from AMU, sharing his experience to the audience said, his ability to maintain good relationships with the advisors, the care he took in developing his proposal, the efforts he made to perform activities within the curriculum, PhD guidelines, and academic calendar,  his minimized social engagement such as  condolences, ‘Idir’, marriage ceremonies,  and the commitment given to the study were the secrets behind that helped him to complete his study within three and half years and publish his paper in five reputable journals. To improve and enhance PhD programs, AMU should provide necessary facilities such as offices and field vehicles to PhD students, give special focus to improve the financial system and advance research laboratories, he suggested.

The second speaker, Dr. Sabura Shara, graduate from University of KU-Leuven, Belgium, also noted that PhD candidates attending their doctoral study here in AMU need to know the requirement of the doctoral school and properly manage their PhD thesis, time, family and friends. Since maintaining positive relationships with advisors is vital to the successful and timely accomplishment of their study, the candidates should be polite and systematic while communicating their promoters or advisors.

Finally, Dr. Birhanu Gebo and Dr. Ezo Emako, received a certificate of recognition for their achievement of completing their study within the stipulated timeframe, four years.

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