Arba Minch University-Inter University Cooperation Program Project I organized four day training on Research and Dissemination Skills for AMU academic and research staff, PhD candidates, and the staff from Arba Minch College of Teachers’ Education and Arba Minch College of Health Sciences from April 4-7, 2023. Click here to see more pictures.

AMU-IUC Program Manager, Dr. Fassil Eshetu, giving an overview of the AMU-IUC Program to the trainees said that the VLIR-UOS funded AMU-IUC Program targets at capacity building in teaching and research so as to empower AMU and its graduates to formulate sustainable solutions to the region’s considerable challenges with its six separate projects focusing on health, land degradation, agricultural productivity, biodiversity, livelihood and ICT/Library.

According to Dr Fassil, the program has offered PhD Chances for 19 students in Phase I and 14 students in Phase II in five Belgian Universities.  He also added that the recent training is also vital to staff from AMU and other institutions to conduct high level research with international standard.

Professor Johan Loeckx, the trainer from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and working at Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, said, the training is mainly organized to develop a critical mindset among the trainees on issues of scientific literature survey, manuscript writing, publication, and how not to get lost in research. He also noted that the training empowers researchers’ potential to conduct quality research with a special focus on organizing the right research questions, techniques to asses and find quality papers to review, and quality manuscript writing that can fulfill international standards and get published in reputable journals.

Mr. Daniel Tadesse, AMU-IUC Project I leader, said the Project has a transversal role of facilitating communication and outreach for all projects; it also works on the improvement of laboratories, ICT facilities, and other areas in AMU. He reported that in Phase I, the project carried out the construction of a data mirror center at Chamo Campus, and installed of internet access points and ACs in the university’s library. The project has taken the coordination role for the training as its outreach activity, Mr Daniel said.  

Among the trainees, Rahel Abera, coordinator of the research and community service office in Arba Minch College of Health Science, said that she has learned new concepts and procedures for designing research questions, research methodology, and manuscript writing and publication. She also expressed that the training has highly inspired her to conduct quality research and to focus on its dissemination; it has also been helpful in strengthening institutional cooperation between AMU and AMCHS, she said.

The other trainee, Mr. Demisse Dawana, Researcher at AMU Water Research Center, revealing the benefits he gained said that he has also learned important skills and shared practices that help him improve his ability to conduct high level research. He further said that such trainings have institutional importance to AMU to conduct intensive researches as a Research University.

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