‘‘In the last 10 years, our Post-Graduate programs grew manifold; from two in the beginning to 40 at present is an achievement in itself. Hence, we need to see quality at the centre because we want competent graduates,’’ University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, exhorted gathering during School of Graduate Studies seminar at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus on April 29, 2015. Click here to see the Pictures.

‘‘Cautioning the present high officials, teachers and others he further said, ‘‘We might have failures, but cribbing about it won’t help; rather assess gravity to address it in a holistic manner. How are we teaching? Keep evaluating and monitoring the way we are doing things; it will give you the way out,’’ he stressed.
The seminar began with School of Graduate Studies Director, Dr Anto Arkato, welcoming the gathering said, ‘‘SGS has been playing leading role in realizing the national development goal by producing qualified and motivated human resources through creation and transfer of relevant knowledge for the country’s socio-economic development and poverty reduction.’’
Speaking to the group of local and foreign teachers, vice presidents, deans, directors and others, Dr Anto’s presentation revolved around three core areas i.e. Teaching and Learning process of the school, functioning of Department Graduate Council and results of shared experiences with SGSs.
Debatable issues i.e. Entrance exam, proposal defense, plagiarism, case-handler, Institute of Technology’s autonomy and some pressing administrative issue of payment were deliberated upon.
Most of the participants were of the view that entrance exam should be an aptitude test to ascertain the intelligence quotient (IQ) of examinees. Majority was of the view research proposal to be examined by advisor and should be defended in the presence of reviewer, head of the respective department and staff.
Pointing at the issues affecting the Department Graduate Councils (DGC); non-complaint departments, general problems of untimely classes, submission of grades etc., Dr Anto urged all for cooperation to rectify anomalies; he also raised the issue of logistics for SGS
On the demand for university to buy software and evolve a mechanism to detect plagiarism, Dr Feleke chairing the session agreed to go for standardization and establish uniform system to deal with this menace.
Dr Agena and Dr Feleke agreed to Dr Anto’s demand for all colleges and institute to host their respective PG programs and classes. The issue of Institute of Technology’s autonomy, Dr Agena said, can be discussed within the framework of legislation; Dr Feleke maintained, IoT will continue to remain part of AMU.
Vexed issues of payment and honorarium to teaching staff and case-handlers; exemption in credit hours etc. were intensely discussed and varied views and opinions expressed to deal with them.
Insinuating at SGS experience sharing, Dr Feleke said, only best suited experiences are accepted. We will deal with issues as per their merit in accordance with government rules and regulation. Issue of payment will be addressed without circumventing the financial norms.’’

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)