‘‘AMU’s main component is technology, where Institute of Technology is involved in producing manpower in water resource engineering. As we are about to establish centre for water works, this training would give us the roadmap. And groundwater modeling is important, it will enable us to contribute in the development of the nation,’’ Dr Feleke Woldeyes said while opening two-week training on Groundwater Modeling. The course instructor, Daniel Gomes, a principal hydro-geologist from Schlumberger Water Services hosted two-week groundwater modeling course using Visual MODFLOW in AMU from 5th to 15th May 2015. This training was the result of the ongoing collaboration between AMU and Canada-based Waterloo Hydro-geologic Inc.
The purpose of the training was to introduce visual MODFLOW for developing groundwater flow models. Visual MODFLOW is a graphical interface that enables to develop, MODFLOW, MT3D and RT3D; the software is used to simulate groundwater flow and contaminant transport, Daniel, said.
This course covered a range of topics including the basics of building a model, particle tracking, water balance analysis, contaminant transport modeling and calibration. Students and instructors from Institute of Technology; professionals from Haramaya and Hawassa universities and Water Resource Bureau participated in the training.
‘‘Groundwater modeling is the mathematical representation of physical phenomenon that helps us to know as to where water comes from and what would be the future scenario. It will help us to know whether Arba Minch town will have enough water for increasing population,’’ Daniel added.
Vice President for Research and Community Service, Dr Guchie Gulie who facilitated the training appreciating the partnering institution and trainer said, ‘‘This training will fill the gap in water resource as it has built the capacity of our students and researchers. It will not only enable us to reach to the East Africa but entire African continent in addressing the water-related problems.’’
AMU’s female instructor, Hanan Tadele, said, ‘‘We have been greatly benefited from this training; thanking the trainer, she adds, ‘‘It has taught me how to learn from those who has appropriate knowledge.’’
Groundwater data management is a critical issue, so this training has exactly taught us to achieve what was expected, said, Hawassa-based Water Resource Bureau expert, Mr Meskelu Tumiso. He also expressed desirability to collaborate with AMU on water-related issues.
A participant from Haramaya University, getting overwhelmed said, it meant a lot as it has given him the window of opportunity to use database. He praised the trainer and was highly pleased with AMU’s hospitality and well organized training.
Underscoring the significance of the training at the closing ceremony, AMU President, Dr Feleke, ‘‘It’s a step forward for we should translate it into practice because knowledge gained needs to be multiplied to bear desired results.’’ He assured, AMU being the beneficiary would continue to lead in water resource development in Africa.
To the idea of professional association, Dr Feleke suggested AMU to be the hub where research ideas can be nurtured. Dr Guchie also expressed desire to develop ‘Group of Alumni’ to work in that direction.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)