Arba Minch University has signed four construction project agreements worth ETB 70.49 Million with Arba Minch-based Anjulo Arshe Building Construction Company at President’s office, New Management Builidng on 20th May, 2015. All projects are slated to be completed in a year.

University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, signing the deal, with special reference to Sawla Campus said, ‘‘Having gauged the urgent needs of the community, AMU has launched Sawla Campus. And we know people living around the campus are patiently waiting for it to become functional. Therefore, being committed to help materialize their aspiration, it’s our top priority to see the Campus construction completed in time, and contractor must take the note of it.’’
Contractor Anjulo Arshe sealing the deal, assured to stick to the stipulated timeframe. Vice Presidents, Dr Yechale Kebede, Mrs Rahel Elias; Mr Taddese and personnel from contractor were present at the meeting.
As per the agreements, contractor will build 13-blocks at Sawla Campus including three-story Management building, six dormitories, three classrooms, library block, cafeteria, staff offices etc. on the sprawling 45-hectares land. This infrastructure stand to cost ETB 26.6 Million to university and the campus is likely to get ready by next year as works have already begun.
The half-built eight condominiums at Limat were a government project meant for general public, now belongs to AMU. The project worth ETB 22.6 Million to be completed by contractor Anjulo Arshe will house 80 academic staff and likely to get ready within few months.
Three-story dormitory construction for 400 students at Abaya Campus will cost ETB 15.9 Million; it will be built within a year. Likewise a dormitory that would accommodate 30 Health Science students at Nechsar to be built within few months to cost ETB 5.79 Million, revealed Construction Project Office Manager, Mr Abebe Banjaw.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)