‘‘Geology is a science that plays a crucial role in the development of a country like Ethiopia. We have good resources in the country, but, we need skilled manpower which can explore and exploit the resources systematically; and young geologists are responsible for that,’’ Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo said.

Dr Agena said this at College of Natural Sciences’ Department of Geology’s 8th anniversary celebration on 11th April 2014, at Abaya campus. ‘We rise and fall as a single family,’ was the theme of the event, which promotes the unity, harmony and strength of department’s students and instructors.

Such program is vital for the progress of the university; however, we are aware about the progress being made and the constraints faced by the department. For its further development, we are ready to support and to work in close cooperation with it.

Geology can be applied in different aspects but yet only small amount of geological works have been done in the country. Therefore, you are expected to do a lot for your motherland. The department needs to upgrade itself with post-graduate programs and for this the administration is with you, he assured.

College of Natural Sciences Dean, Dr Alemayehu H/Michael, speaking on the occasion, reminded that, ‘’It’s not for the first time that Geology is celebrating its anniversary, it was also celebrated last year in a colorful way. And now it’s working jointly with the College and making good progress.’’

In an exhibition put up on the occasion, had 50 different rock samples and over 70 different field-work photographs on display. The single-family photo show featured the harmony and unity of the department staff and students; it has also informed about the previous year graduates’ current employment status.

Geology field-work photo show has exhibited different field activities done in Mugher, Adama and Konso areas during sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic terrain-mapping carried out by the department students.

Presenting department report, its head Mr Samuel Abraham, informed the gathering about the department’s vision & mission, its main branches and their application, the progress made, community service done, constraints being faced and its future plans etc. The program was interspersed with poem recital and the cultural shows by the students of the department.

Dr Agena and Academic Program Evaluation and Implementation (APEI) Director, Dr Negussie Tadege, distributed certificates to all staff members of Geology department, College of Natural Science administrative office, vice president and president office staff.

At the end, Dr Agena inaugurated ‘Geology Park,’ and the entire gathering planted 200 saplings in the park.

By Philips Joseph