AMU’ hosts 32nd Graduation, 6,857 graduates rolled out

Arba Minch University in its 32ndConvocation at Abaya Campus Auditorium on 6th July, 2019, has rolled out 6,857 graduates in different streams of which 6,279 are UG &578 PG students that include 4,434 males and 2,423 females. Sawla Campus has graduated its 2ndbatch of 272 graduates this year. Click here to see the pictures

This year, Arba Minch Water Technology Institute has612 graduates, Institute of Technology, 909; College of Natural Sciences, 771, Medicine and Health Sciences, 322, Agricultural Sciences, 323, Business & Economics, 1,014, Social Science &Humanities, 584, Law 40, and School of Pedagogy and Behavioral Sciences, 86, respectively.

AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza, addressing graduates, said, AMU is doing its best to be the center of excellence in the areas such as water resource development, biodiversity, neglected tropical diseases, etc. and in this regard in 2019, ETB 24.20 Million was allocated for research endeavors wherein 410 teachers successfully participated in research works. With extra tranche of ETB 28.98 Million secured from domestic and global partners,42 research projects are completed and 306 more are underway.

He emphasized that AMU stood tall among other universities in Ethiopia for sustaining peace while others were experiencing sporadic conflicts. We successfully completed academic year without any untoward incidents. And for the same, earnestly I thank students, officials, staff, religious leaders and above all Gamo elders for playing key role in sustaining peace and healthy social environment.

AMU Board Chairman, Dr Yinager Dessie, Governor of National Bank, exhorting graduates said, Ethiopia is investing huge in education sector and could produce tens and thousands of them that spurred growth in different sectors; yet, we need more and in this regard AMU’s contribution is praiseworthy in complementing the efforts of government in addressing nation’s needs.At this point, nation looks at you with great expectations and to fill void you have to come up with palatable solutions to various questions.

At the outset, Corporate Communication Directorate Director Delegate, Mr Bedru Hirigo, gave a lowdown on AMU’s history, programmatic pool and congratulating graduates, he urged to contribute in a way that will restore socio-cultural splendor and stimulate economic growth of Ethiopia.

Comparatively speaking, in 2014University had 3,672 graduates followed by 5,228 in 2015, similarly 5,726, 5,513 and 5,965 graduates in 2016, 2017 and2018; with 2019’s 6,857 figure,the annual churning seems to have increased in last five years by 86.73% and it’s counting.

This year’s merit list displays gender parity with 20 meritorious graduates on board has 10 males and 10 females. And among all, Sawla Campus-based graduate Ismail Fedlu Abdu in Marketing Management emphatically clocked total 4 GPA leaving others behindclaimed Winner’s Cup and a gold medal.

Architecture &Urban Planning Graduate Kaleab Wendimu Tariku, 3.98, adjudged second was awarded Gold medal; Samira Dilbo Awol of Sawla, 3.94, Cooperative Accounting & Auditing stood first among the girls claimed Gold Medal. Zehara Yassin, Computer Science, 3.92,of Main Campus was also feted for her achievement.

This year, three meritorious graduates, Kaleab Wendimu, Architecture & Urban Planning, Bizuayehu Admassu, Agribusiness and Value-Chain Management, and Abubeker Seid, Nursing secured 3.98 GPA;It’s their respective A+ scoresthat decided ranking; Kaleab with 43 A+ bagged the overall second spot.

On the occasion, seven outstanding graduates were awarded gold medals include Tilahun Alehegn, 3.89, Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, Gebre Tola, 3.91, Biotechnology, Abubeker Seid, 3.98, Nursing, Bizuayehu Admassu, 3.98, Agribusiness and Value-Chain Management, Hussein Ali, 3.95, Economics, Karsho Gelbo, 3.94, Sociology & Social Anthropology, Emishaw Teshome, 3.84, Law, and Ayalew Simegn, 3.86, Psychology.

Apart from two top-scoring female graduatesabove mentioned, other eight are,Mentewabe Asiratu, 3.82, Water Supply and Environmental Engineering, Rishan Hadgu, 3.90, Laboratory Science, Tsehay Negash, 3.91, Horticulture, Betelhem Nebi, 3.85, Biotechnology, Meaza Mena, 3.86, Management, Alemnesh Desalegn, 3.77, Gofigna, Mehlet Demeke, 3.7, and Hana Beyene, 3.67, Psychology.

At the outset, Registrar, Dr Belete Yilma, read out this year’s record, followed by Academic Affaires Vice President, Dr Yechale kebede, presenting graduates of respective institutes and colleges. Dr Damtew Darza, Dr Yinager Dessie, Abraham Alano, and AMU Alumni Association Chairman, Mr Ermias Esayas gave away degrees.

On the occasion, Gamo Elders were honored for playing commendable role in maintaining peace in region; they were given mementoes. At the outset atmosphere got electrified with Arba Minch Cultural Band belting out few classical numbers; a congratulatory number by Community School students hogged the limelight.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)