Center for Livestock and Fishery Research has come into being in 2017, is situated at College of Agricultural Sciences, Kulfo Campus. It has immense mandate for livestock research that will grow and expand with distinctive, nationally and internationally recognized research profile while catering to the needs of communities. It will focus on programs supported by the relevant research organization and can be delivered effectively to the community.

The Centre will ensure cost-efficiency and effectiveness on the premise that manage utilization of limited budget and other AMU resources. It will also attract resources through production of outputs from different livestock farms, which will be established in research stations. In the course of time, it’s likely to establish satellite stations at Arba Minch, Chencha, Bonke-Gug, Kucha, Sawla, Konso and South Omo zone to carry out research activities.


The Centre aspires to be potential hub to resolve issues associated with livestock production in Ethiopia, Africa and also gain global recognition by 2050.


It aims to develop, generate and adapt improved livestock production technologies in the area of nutrition, dairy, poultry, apiculture, sericulture and aquaculture to contribute in holistic development in the nation.


It wants to be a catalyst in bringing innovation in livestock production using cutting-edge technologies and services for sustainable livelihoods.


1. To undertake problem-solving research on animal feeds, breeding, reproduction, post-harvest, food safety, ethics and environmental concerns

2. To generate and disseminate information through publication, administer and promote transfer of replicable and widely applicable technologies

3. To provide short-term, support long-term trainings in thematic areas along with partners

4. To support diagnostic and treatment service for livestock

5. To initiate and secure local and foreign research grants and donations

6. To identify potential technologies whose adoption and impact assessment can be tracked

7. To identify constraints in large-scale dissemination of technologies

8. To ensure master students' participation in research by funding thematic projects

9. Scrutinize issues related to livestock, Agricultural & post-harvest technology by developing cooperatives with other organizations, research centers and universities

Research Departments

1. Fisheries, aquatic sciences and technology

2. Feeds, nutrition science and technology

3. Dairy, Meat science and technology

4. Poultry Science and technology

5. Apiculture and sericulture

6. Livestock disease diagnostic and prevention technology

7. Livestock economics, marketing and extension Service



Mr. Chencha Chebo



Academic rank:

Assistant professor

Contact address

Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +251 923636275

P.O.BOX 21, Arba Minch, Ethiopia


Arba Minch University