Renewable Energy Technology Research Center, one of the units of Institute of Technology based at Main Campus, came into being in 2015 to coordinate researches in the area of renewable energy. Its main goal is to foster collaborative research between scholars and experts of related arena and to train future scientists to pursue potential research. Present government’s focus on renewable energy to harness its true potential offers new greener approach that guarantees preservation of ecosystem. We can tap this energy from sources such as sunlight, biomass, wind, geothermal, wastes (industrial/agricultural) as it has tremendous depth to offer solutions in the areas of agricultural, industrial and health-related issues.

Similarly, it requires appropriate skills in related disciplines for our staff so that we can harness its true worth and develop various problem-solving researches that will be mutually beneficial.


To be reputed institute in Ethiopia focusing on renewable energy research and technology development by 2028


To conduct demand-driven research in the area of renewable energy technology and provide consultancy and community service by coordinating available human resources in the university


· Do basic and applied research which are technically, economically viable and environment-friendly leading Ethiopia towards self-reliance on energy production and consumption

· Assist university by identifying problems of rural community and proposing apt solution with final application of research findings in collaboration with government, private sector and NGO

· Conduct research on renewable energy projects and do consultancy for public-private sector

· Create social awareness by using naturally abundant and clean energy sources

· Provide knowledge-based insights to influence policies and programs of government in utilization of renewable energy technology for meeting energy needs


Ø Innovation: Generate new idea; pursue and encourage creative approach to get it implemented

Ø Excellence: Set high standard and strive to exceed goals by being the best everything we do

Ø Professionalism: Be confidential, truthful and constructive and focus towards solutions

Ø Integrity: Rooted in morality, honesty must reflect in our all activities

Ø Accountability: Owe full responsibility for actions and decisions we take

Ø Teamwork: Have seamless relationships throughout programs, schools, institutes, colleges and collectively share information and resources for common goal

Ø Motivation: Recognize achievements of individuals, teams and reward them

Ø Work with others: Work with different stakeholders in close cooperation to serve community

Ø Empowerment: Empower talented staff, students to reach to the logical destination


Thematic area: Renewable energy resource assessment, technology development and adaptation

Research areas Description

SOLAR ENERGY · Assessment and mapping of solar energy resources · Design and development of solar thermal system · Solar thermal system test and simulation · Design, develop solar photovoltaic electrification system for off-grid area · Design and develop renewable based hybrid mini gird system for rural electrification · Study on energy performance and reliability of photovoltaic system under different circumstances · Evaluation and testing of installed solar systems · Quality assessment of PV modules in laboratories and outdoor measurement · Study grid integration issue of large-scale PV system · Modeling, simulation and analysis of large-scale PV penetration in Ethiopian power grid under wide range of system conditions through laboratory and field test · Develop innovative business models for large-scale dissemination of solar technology · Low cost balance of system components design and development; economics of solar power system, etc

WIND ENERGY · Wind energy resource assessment and mapping · Design and development of small wind turbine from local material for rural population; study wind turbine design (aerodynamics, mechanics and dynamics); wind forecast, grid integration and impact on Ethiopian power system & Wind turbine optimization; application for water pumping · Economics of wind power system (energy production, operation, maintenance and grid integration cost)


· Waste to energy technology · Bio-fuel (solid ) o Improved cooking stove design and development o Design and development of briquetting machine · Bio-fuel (liquid/gas) o Biogas production-improvement on mechanical design and efficiency o Design and development of low cost biogas reactor o Research on biodiesel production from different plants; study on physical and chemical properties of biodiesel & design, development of liquid bio-fuel reactor

Small Hydro power · SHP turbine design, development, computer modeling and simulation of hydropower dynamics · Develop low-cost and low-head SHP equipment, improve techs for use in water, supply irrigation systems for small-hydro production · Research variable speed induction generator; design, develop remote control & monitor small-hydro system


Community service

This centre is running Sahay Solar Project through its community service wing and till 2019, it has electrified 9 schools and 25 health centers in Gamo and Gofa zone.


Director of Renewable Energy Technology Research Center

Zelalem Girma (Asst.Professor),

Mobile No: +251 911727328 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.