College of Natural Sciences’ Chemistry Department has conducted external curriculum review for new under-graduate (B.Sc) program in Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus on Oct 20, 2014. The program will be launched in this academic year 2007 EC.

The workshop began with Dean of College of Natural Sciences, Dr Alemayehu Hailemicael, welcoming the dignitaries and others. With the launch of Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology, our college would have 11 UG and 16 PG programs. The program is initiated by the Federal Police Commission and developed through coordination that will solve the problems of the country.

Forensic chemistry applies knowledge from diverse disciplines such as chemistry, biology, materials science and genetics to analyze evidence found at crime scenes or in the bodies of crime suspects. It will acquaint our students with hi-tech laboratory instrument and equipments like GCMS, spectroscopy and other metrological validation who would help in cracking any crime riddle.’’

Academic Affairs Vice President Dr Agena Anjulo’s delegate Dr Damtew lauded the efforts of College of Natural Sciences, said, this program is in line with national development goal of the nation.

Chemistry Dept instructor, Mr Getachew Muleta, presented the course outline, its objective, course content, program profile, duration, grading system, active staff profile, nomenclature etc. followed by barrage of queries from external reviewers and participants.

External reviewers from Federal Police Forensic Directorate’s (bio-chemical experts), Mr Amare Endalew and Mr Betre Gitahun asked for drug analysis and forensic mineralogy to be included in the program with practical session.

In an interactive session, AMU top officials i.e. Dr Damtew, Dr Chombe, Dr Nigussie, Dr Abebe, Dr Nejib and Dr Alemayehu put forth queries pertaining to its nomenclature, course coding, course content, staff profile, research components etc.

In his concluding remarks, Director of Academic Program Evaluation and Implementation (APEI) Directorate, Dr Nigussie Tadege, said, ‘‘With the launch of this significant UG program in collaboration with Ministry of Education and FPC, our police will be better equipped to tackle the specter of terrorism to make our tomorrow better.’’

The workshop was attended by AMU directors, chemistry department members and others.

By Corporate Communication Directorate (Philips Joseph)