Arba Minch University, College of Natural Sciences Research Coordination Office is pleased to announce the 2nd round annual call for thematic research proposals for the year 2013 EC to potential academic research staff members to submit their research proposals within the three new research thematic areas of the College of Natural Sciences: Environment and Biodiversity research areas, Biotechnology research areas and Material Sciences research areas.

This nutrition-sensitive agriculture education as an exclusive course for all senior classes has been started at the College of Agricultural Sciences of the Arba Minch University beginning of the academic year 2018/2019. AMU is becoming one of the few pioneers of higher education in this respect.

The startling array of research findings emanating from key limnological variables, historical data and field measurements indicate that indiscriminate ecological changes are pushing both lakes, Abaya and Chamo, on the brink of total jeopardy, if intervention at policy level isn’t taken! Click here to see the pictures