Caring for patients satisfies my inner urge, says Meron Hailu

This winsome lass has inherited caring traits from mother that gets reflected in her convivial and amiable dispositions and before she could ever go to university, she already had the makings of a good nurse for she is patient, kind and loves to minister those suffering lots.

Meron Hailu Teshome hails from Addis Ababa, stood tall amongst female graduates of 2017, for securing 3.93 CGPA. Born in Debre Zeit, she attended Model Secondary and Preparatory School and had notched up 4 full CGPA in Grade-10.

On what prompted her to choose nursing, she said, I had a desire to pursue medicine, but unimpressive performance in Grade-12 threw few options before me like midwifery, laboratory science and nursing; and I decided to pursue nursing.

When asked what next, she avers, she wants to be a teacher for she loves psychiatric-based profession and nursing perfectly fits the bill. It allows one to know more about patients, their suffering, and we can contribute quite vigorously than the doctor, she exclaimed.

Clinical disciplines like medical-surgical, pediatrics and obstetrics are dear to her and during internships at Jinka, Otonna, Wolaita Soddo, Alaba and Humbo General Hospitals she said, she gained tremendous hands-on practical experiences from different experts.

About study plan, she said, during my first year, I used to spend three to four hours at library. But when undertaking block courses that hardly give time to do other things, even then I managed to squeeze in time and never buckled under any kinds of pressure.

To a query whether there was anything tough, she said, I never disliked any subjects, but had no interest in courses like epidemiology, health economics, service management but simply loved science part.

Replying to query, she said, apart from teaching at class-room, I will have a chance to take my students for attachment at different hospitals to observe and assess how things are being done so that we can evaluate ourselves and improve upon our approach and strategies.

Attributing credit of her success, she said, it’s my God Almighty, parents and others had lion’s share in my humble achievement. In the beginning, it was my mother, who convinced me to stay on, when I was frustrated and about to leave. And my father is a fountain of inspiration for me.

Informing about hobbies, she said, being from Debre Zeit that has seven lakes, gave her opportunity to learn swimming that she still enjoys. She is a movie buff and at times read fictions and other novels.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)