No short-cuts; hard work, better relations is the key: Tesfa Hussein

This lanky lad has lot in him to be unlocked as his praise-worthy 3.99 CGPA gives us glimpses of latent talent that he promises to explore further by taking on the mantle of a teacher. Tesfa Hussein Tassew is now basking in the glory for being crowned as the Cup Winner of 2017.

He hails from Jama woreda in South Wollo, and was nurtured by grandmother, Yelfign Tesema, 70, for he lost his parents at an early age. Therefore, the credit of his success invariably goes to his only septuagenarian affectionate guardian.

I got schooled at Degollo Secondary and Preparatory School in Jama and from the word go I loved biology but my dream to pursue medical profession couldn’t take off, and for different reasons, I opted Natural Resource Management, and now, it’s my driving force, he averred.

On what next, he said, he is aspiring to be a teacher that too in Arba Minch University, provided he satisfies the needs. He intends to render his services to the department that laid foundation of his career and thinks it’s here he will get an opportunity to teach and pursue Master as well.

Sophomore was tall order, but subjects like climatology, environmental conservation, adaptation mitigation methods give him immense pleasure. He opines that finding mitigation and adaptation mechanism will help Ethiopia to tackle the hazards of climate change.

Having being to Bale Mountain, Wondogenet forest and at Wolaita Soddo, under Humbo Project, where carbon sequestration is done had been a great source of learning. He is aiming to conduct intensive research in raising awareness level in community on climate change.

On study plan, he said, it wasn’t strenuous; I used gaps between classes and took everything in my stride. I loved almost all 42 subjects and never find it difficult to answer any sort of queries.

He loves to read Amharic fictions and view English and Indian movies. He is excited to join his loving grandmother Yelfign Tesema who promises to arrange a sort of graduation ceremony when he reached there.

He is grateful to his teachers for they reposed great faith in him and the atmosphere at Kulfo Campus has been very conducive in grabbing the essence of everything he studied.

Giving piece of advice to students, he said, use time judiciously, work hard, plan your goal and don’t succumb to unethical temptations which will ruin your life. If you look for short-cuts, things will turn out to be difficult while good relations with all will remove all hurdles and pave the way for your success.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)