Deliverology: Sequencing of strategies will help determine priorities

With second day, on-going training at Arba Minch University has entered into a crucial stage as university top officials touching upon the concept of ‘deliver-ology,’ that focuses on delivering on or achieving goals and objectives identified by government in the higher education institutions.  Click here to see the pictures.

Dwelling into present scenario, those officials imparting trainings to university community both at Main and Chamo campuses,’ said, Ethiopia in present context has a national target of 80% of graduates should have jobs for themselves in a year; while average employment rate is 60%, against the average university-wise target of over 80%. Therefore, in order to produce over 80% jobs, at least 160,000 graduates should be employed annually.

Furthermore, exemplifying key components, they also termed variables like poor teacher competency & pedagogy, ineffective student learning, lack of effective university–industry linkages, insufficient infrastructure & inputs, lack of effective leadership & administration, poor quality of university intakes and impact of external factors as major challenges. For each goal, sequencing of strategies will help determine priorities so that gaps are plugged, it’s learnt.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)